New Books? We Got ‘Em. You Buying?

Can your TBR pile get any taller? We think YES. From stirring second novels to a tome of political commentary, observations on music to unsettling fictions, our mid-August new release list hits all the right notes. Read more about 'em below! Betty by Tiffany McDaniel A stunning, lyrical novel set in the rolling foothills of … Continue reading New Books? We Got ‘Em. You Buying?

Summer Reads: Havens’s Handselling Haiku

Bookseller Christine H. joins us on the blog to handsell you some of her favorite reads...with an added twist! Reading books and writing haiku are two of my favorite pastimes, so I thought it might be fun to do some virtual “hand selling” using haiku as the descriptions. For those not familiar with this particular … Continue reading Summer Reads: Havens’s Handselling Haiku