Happy Fall, Here’s Some New Books For ‘Ya!

Somewhere, someone's waking up Billie Joe Armstrong as September enters its last days, but here in the book world we've been trying to keep track of all the titles hitting our shelves this month. This week, Marilynne Robinson wraps her celebrated Gilead series, local author Ryan Holiday's back with more from the Stoics, and a bevy … Continue reading Happy Fall, Here’s Some New Books For ‘Ya!

Undressing Nick Hornby’s newest book – Juliet, Naked

Nick Hornby's new novel Juliet, Naked is about loneliness, regret and the double sided sword that is the internet age. Juliet follows Annie, a childless museum curator in a small British beach town and her husband Duncan, a community college professor who is obsessed with reclusive rock star Tucker Crowe. Crowe (a Dylanesque figure who imploded in the mid 80's) has escaped a trail of divorced wives and now hides in suburban pennsylvannia; mute for more than twenty years.