LOVE ME BACK: Brutal, Piercing, and Poetic

Love Me Back by Merritt Tierce ~post by Katie P. There are few novels more aptly titled than Love Me Back, the unflinching debut novel from Dallas writer Merritt Tierce. It's a critical statement for Tierce's protagonist, Marie, but it just as easily summarizes the fundamental plea of this novel itself. Love Me Back is … Continue reading LOVE ME BACK: Brutal, Piercing, and Poetic

Short Fiction Time Continued: Anthologies

5 Short Stories Which Make Their Collection (or Anthology) Worth Buying~ post by BenIt seems my supervisors are foolish enough to let this madness continue. So, once again, it's short fiction time.Time has passed. Perhaps we've started to branch out since the last post. A short story collection or two may have passed over our … Continue reading Short Fiction Time Continued: Anthologies