Book Club Corner Picks – June

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Welcome to our Book Club Corner, where each month we highlight books new to paperback we think would make perfect picks for your next book club discussion. If you’re looking to join a book club, we host a wide variety of free, bookseller-run book clubs right here at BookPeople. Join us! We love to talk books.

Featured Books of the Month:

By the internationally best selling author of The Crimson Petal and the White, The Book of Strange New Things tells the story of Peter – a devout pastor and a devoted husband – who travels to another planet on a mission for a mysterious corporation called USIC. The inhabitants of this planet seem incredibly open to his teachings, but Peter’s faith and commitment are tested when he starts receiving distressing letters from his wife back on earth. And as things crumble he starts to realize the USIC may be hiding its true motives from both him and the inhabitants of the planet he is trying to help.
“A very approachable and imaginative novel that utilizes some big ideas to provoke and illuminate what faith really is and how this relates to relationships.” – Raul

The Book of Strange New Things will be released in paperback on June 23rd, and is now available for pre-order.

Fifteen years after a flu pandemic wipes out most of the worlds population, a small band of performers called the Traveling Symphony roam the wasted landscape performing for small colonies of survivors around the Great Lakes area of the United States. But when they arrive in the outpost of St. Deborah by the Water, they encounter a violent prophet who digs graves for anyone who dares to leave.
The novel crisscrosses through time, spanning decades, seamlessly telling the tale of life both before and after the pandemic. It’s about life, death, relationships, and Shakespeare.

Station Eleven was both a 2014 National Book Award finalist and a New York Times Bestseller. It was releases in paperback on June 2nd, and is available on our shelves now!

Marie, a young single mother, lands a job at an upscale Dallas steakhouse. She is preternaturally attuned to the appetites of her patrons, but quickly learns to hide her private struggle behind an easy smile and a crisp white apron.
But that only scratches the surface of what this novel is. For those unfamiliar with life in the service industry, it may seem outlandish, but those who have spent even just a few years serving, cooking and tending bar will find good company and familiar tales among the pages of this biting and gritty novel. Marie’s search for obliteration through drugs and sex collides with a stubborn will to survive that is perfectly characterized by the way she balances (or fails to balance) her personal and professional worlds.
Love Me Back is a gorgeous, dirty razor of prose—sharp and dangerous and breathtaking.”—Roxane Gay, author of An Untamed State and Bad Feminist
Love Me Back will be released in paperback on June 9th and is available for pre-order now!

The young Pakistani blogger who was almost murdered by the Taliban for standing up for women’s education, this young activist and survivor is also the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. At sixteen years old she became a global symbol of peaceful protest and she continues her activism to this day.
In this, her memoir, Malala tells the story of her family uprooted by global terrorism, of the fight for girls’ education, of a father who, himself a school owner, championed and encouraged his daughter to write and attend school, and of brave parents who have a fierce love for their daughter in a society that prizes sons.
I Am Malala was released in paperback on June 2nd and is now available on our shelves.

Filled with the music and popular culture of the late-eighties and early-nineties, this refreshingly honest and hilarious coming-of-age memoir from comedian, storyteller, and The Moth host David Crabb tells a universally resonant story about growing up gay and Goth in San Antonio, Texas.
In the summer of 1989, three Goth kids crossed a street in San Antonio. They had no idea that a deeply confused fourteen-year-old boy was watching. Their dyed hair, fishnets, and eyeliner were his first evidence of another world—a place he desperately wanted to go. He just had no idea how to get there.

Discovering George Michael’s “Faith” confirmed for David what every bully already knew: he was gay. Surviving high school, with its gym classes, locker rooms, and naked, glistening senior guys, would require impossible feats of denial.

What saved him was finding a group of outlandish friends who reveled in being outsiders. David found himself enmeshed with misfits: wearing black, cutting class, staying out all night, drinking, tripping, chain-smoking, idolizing The Smiths, Pet Shop Boys, and Joy Division—and learning lessons about life and love along the way.

Bad Kid was released in paperback on May 19th and is available on our shelves now. David Crabb spoke at Book People on Monday, June 8th, and he was HILARIOUS! Also, charming!

Book Club Event Pick for June!

9781476756677Matthew Thomas

We Are Not Ourselves

speaking & signing his acclaimed novel, now in paperback

Thursday, June 18 at 7PM

We Are Not Ourselves was an instant bestseller in hardcover and is sure to be a smash in paperback, particularly with book clubs. Through the lives of characters who begin in Woodside, Queens in 1941 and span the years to present day, Matthew Thomas charts the American Century. Eileen Tumulty is an Irish immigrant who encourages her husband to want more and do more. It slowly becomes clear that his growing reluctance is part of a deeper, more incomprehensible psychological shift. Join us as Thomas reads from this “long, gorgeous epic” (New York Times) at BookPeople.

Learn more about Matthew and his BookPeople appearance!

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