New Books? We Got ‘Em. You Buying?

Can your TBR pile get any taller? We think YES. From stirring second novels to a tome of political commentary, observations on music to unsettling fictions, our mid-August new release list hits all the right notes. Read more about 'em below! Betty by Tiffany McDaniel A stunning, lyrical novel set in the rolling foothills of … Continue reading New Books? We Got ‘Em. You Buying?

BlackoutBestsellerList Recommendations

Amistad Books is encouraging readers to purchase any two books by Black writers between June 14th and June 20th. The goal is to blackout bestsellers lists with Black voices and demonstrate the power of Black publishing. We've gathered some bookseller favorites in case you needed some ideas. We also encourage you to buy from a … Continue reading BlackoutBestsellerList Recommendations

Celebrating Black Art (Part 1)

Our first blog post celebrating Black art brings you a plethora of bookseller blurbs for a select number of recent fiction and nonfiction titles we couldn't get enough of. Each title delivers exciting, urgent narratives by the Black voices that are defining our literary landscape—bridging experiences across racial, sexual, geographic lines. Read what our booksellers … Continue reading Celebrating Black Art (Part 1)