Books I’m Excited About: ‘Harlem Shuffle’

Fall 2021's a distant dream, but Uriel's still looking forward to all the wonderful book's we'll be getting when we finally get there. In a year when so many standout authors are making a splash, there's one title he's most stoked for. Read on for more! Colson Whitehead's done it all. He's penned historical novels, a … Continue reading Books I’m Excited About: ‘Harlem Shuffle’

NBA Countdown: The Underground Railroad

For nerds like me, the words “NBA finals” resonate not so much because of giants sportsing hard as for a more thrilling contest whose outcome will be announced November 16: the National Book Awards. When 2016’s shortlist for fiction was released earlier this month, I had read exactly zero of the five picks. But, while my father … Continue reading NBA Countdown: The Underground Railroad