Holiday Bookseller Features: Starman!

The BookPeople holiday catalog—our annual year-in-review publication—is here and, like most things in 2020, it’s gone virtual for the occasion! And while you can’t hold a physical copy this season, there’s still plenty to enjoy about it! This year’s theme, This Is My Favorite Book…of the Pandemic highlights the titles our booksellers found comfort in during a … Continue reading Holiday Bookseller Features: Starman!

New Books? We Got ‘Em. You Buying?

Can your TBR pile get any taller? We think YES. From stirring second novels to a tome of political commentary, observations on music to unsettling fictions, our mid-August new release list hits all the right notes. Read more about 'em below! Betty by Tiffany McDaniel A stunning, lyrical novel set in the rolling foothills of … Continue reading New Books? We Got ‘Em. You Buying?