BY BLOOD WE LIVE: A Smart & Satisfying Culmination

By Blood We Live by Glen Duncan Reviewed by Steve(n) In his celebrated werewolf trilogy, Glen Duncan has inventively scrutinized the human experience from perspectives abstracted just enough to blur the lines between objective observation and subjective participation. Whereas The Last Werewolf was an existential examination of absolute power, moral compromise, and social isolation, and Talulla … Continue reading BY BLOOD WE LIVE: A Smart & Satisfying Culmination

My Vicious Valentine: PJ Hoover

Well, I'm biased.  I think everything about her books are wonderful, fabulous, and just plain fantastic.  Of course, I edited the Forgotten World Series.  Obviously, I can't look at this objectively. But what is there not to like about these books?  There's Greek Mythology Kid's with Superpowers (Telepathy, Telekinesis, Travel through time!) Hidden Worlds Awkward … Continue reading My Vicious Valentine: PJ Hoover