Teen Thursday

This Teen Thursday we are focusing on our Teen Press Corps who we could not be prouder of. Not only did they cover the Michael Scott event here in store but they got a great interview with him afterwards!

Michael was here for his latest book The Enchantress, the sixth and final book in The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series. We had an awesome turnout, standing room only. Our Teen Press Corps took to the crowd and did a little interviewing.

  1. “What are your thoughts of the series?
    “Fun and exciting” was the opinion of Jonathan, a book club member that has been to quite a few of BookPeople’s teen events. From a more laid back Eric, a “good series” was his response. Ruth, a kind sister who wanted to do her brother a favor, gave me a much more in depth response, describing the series as “fascinating…and interesting”.
  2. What was your favorite book of the series?
    Elizabeth’s answer was by far my favorite, telling me that “all of the above” were her favorite when I started listing the books.
  3. What do you think the event will be like?
    Everyone agreed on one answer: that the event would definitely be “exciting and “interesting”.”

For the full review of the event click here.

Afterwards, one of our reporters got to do a one-on-one interview with Michael Scott while he signed books for the store.  Here’s a sample of some of the things they chatted about:

  1. Q: Why did you decide to write this series?
    A: Michael basically said that he wanted to create a world that was all mythologies. He decided to use America as his setting because of the tons of immigrants that have come here and have brought their folklore with them, and have made it a land rich with different cultures.
  2. Q: Do the characters of your book tend to take a mind of their own when you’re writing?
    A. Yes. Yes they do. Sometimes they come on so strong I have to write them down or they end up building relationships of their own with other characters that I never planned.

For the full interview of the event click here.

2 thoughts on “Teen Thursday

  1. Micheal is really a very good authors and it is a good thing that i read this blog even though i did not ask some question,As a reader i also love is all series of his book and they are all very good.

  2. The Our Teen Press Corp is a successful group of genuine teenagers who are destined leaders of the future. They are the individuals to promote a progressive economy to lead us out of this devastated recession. They are the society encouraging role models that help unmotivated teenagers to succeed. All of their teen events should be prosperous and overwhelming

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