Review: Scorpio Races

On March 16 at 7PM, three great authors will be visiting us to talk about their new teen books as part of the This is Teen! Live event.  Over the next week, I’m going to be profiling each of those books, starting today with Maggie Stiefvater’s The Scorpio Races.

The Scorpio Races
By Maggie Stiefvater

This book has been racking up a string of awards (most notably a 2011 Printz Honor Award), and when I read this book, I could see why.

Set on the island of Thisby, the only place in the world where the dangerous, carnivorous water horses of the ocean ever come on land, the story tells the tale of Sean and (girl) Puck and their various journeys to ride in the Scorpio Races held every November.  The Scorpio Races are the most dangerous races in the world because the people ride the dangerous, and temperamental, water horses instead of regular mounts.  Sean, who has already won the races four times, is finally racing for a purpose other than just winning.  And Puck, who is bucking tradition — from the fact that she’s a girl to her choice of mount — has as much determination to win as Sean.

However, the book is much more than just a lead up to the race run towards the end.  It’s an emotionally complex, layered book that tackles both Sean’s and Puck’s inner turmoil.  The two share many things in common — a desire to establish themselves in their world, a love of their mounts, even a determination to survive no matter what — that brings them together, but ultimately each needs to win the race in order to fulfill their own dreams. It’s a fascinating journey to read, and a book I highly recommend.

To check out the book and to read more about the event, visit our website.

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