That’s a Bingo!

Teen Press member Ivy put together a fantastic reading list for Pride month and beyond– come pick up a card in the store, or save the image below and play with us! We’d love to see your bingo cards, tag us on social media– we’re everywhere (at) bookpeople!

Celebrating Pride doesn’t begin or end in June, but there’s never been a better time to start exploring queer YA! Here are some of my favorite LGBTQ+ YA novels (with a little Middle Grade and New Adult thrown in) to help you fill out BookPeople’s Pride Bingo:

No Coming Out Scene

LGBTQ+ Story/Characters in Another Medium

Urban Fantasy

Gender Nonconforming

Coming Out Scene

Short Stories or Essays

Own Voices

International Author




No Love Interest

LGBTQ+ Retelling


Poetry or Novel In Verse

Contemporary Fiction

Disabled or Neurodiverse


Graphic Novel

Trans or Nonbinary


Multiple LGBTQ+ Couples


Local Author

Find more from the Teen Press Corps over on their blog!

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