What We’re Reading

Need some new books to read during this rainy week? Our booksellers have got you covered! Scroll on down to see which books they recommend while weathering out the storm.


People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

Ugh. Agh. GAH! I LOVED this book! I am frustrated by the fact that it is over. Emily Henry follows Beach Read with another irresistible romance, one that feels even more real, well-rounded, and full of life. Alex and Poppy are one of the few literary couples that I was genuinely rooting for from beginning to end. A modern take on my favorite romcom of all time, When Harry Met Sally, People We Meet on Vacation is all about friendship, love, finding yourself and finding home, whatever, wherever, and whomever (did I use that right?) that may be. Give me more!!!

— Eugenia



The School I Deserve by Jo Napolitano

Education is a key factor in escaping poverty. For many refugee children, such as Sudanese Khadidja Issa, an American education is their ticket to providing their families a better life than what they escaped in their home country. In The School I Deserve, Jo Napolitano’s reporting of Issa v. School District of Lancaster, set against the backdrop of Trump’s xenophobic rise to power, reminds us that America should be a nation of opportunity for all who seek it in its borders.

— Mattie



The Nine by Gwen Strauss

My paternal grandfather would never talk about his experiences in Europe during WWII. All I have are his photographs and a typed itinerary, which makes me doubly grateful for books such as Gwen Strauss’ The Nine. Her chronicle of Helene Podliasky, her great aunt, and the other eight women who forged such a strong bond in a traumatic time, is more than amazing. This is more than testimony, more than witness. It goes to the very core of what it means to be human.

— Christine

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