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Here at BookPeople, our booksellers have got all the answers: Having trouble sleeping at night? Try a warm beverage and a new book! Want something impressive to talk about over your next Zoom coffee date? Read up on a new topic! Craving adventure while you’re waiting for that second vaccine dose to kick in? Stage a socially-distanced, moonlit sword fight with your mortal enemy and–oop, I mean, crack open a new book! 

And if you don’t have a clue about what to read next, don’t worry–they know the answer to that one, too. Check out the page below for their favorite reads of the week!


9780525657743Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner 

Crying in H Mart may be the most brilliant display of Michelle Zauner’s abilities. The Japanese Breakfast singer/songwriter’s elegiac memoir of grief and acceptance in the wake of her mother’s passing hits many a sore spot, sure. But there are also many joyful parts focused on the great catalyst of food—in its ability to bridge psychic and emotional chasms wrought in mourning. It acknowledges how very complicated it is to grieve and celebrates life’s surprises. I love this book for how fearless and vulnerable it is. Thank you, Michelle.

— Uriel


9781250209153She Drives Me Crazy by Kelly Quindlen

I read this in one sitting and loved every second. The banter was perfect and hilarious. Their chemistry was so sweet and built so naturally. I had such a good time watching their individual growth and the way they complemented each other. The bits about recovering from a toxic love hit hard in a very cathartic way. I adored the focus on open communication over grand gestures. All in all, a feel good story that will make you laugh out loud and you better respect cheerleaders by the end or did you even really read it?

— Gina



The Girls I’ve Been by Tess Sharpe

Taken hostage in a clumsy bank robbery with her ex-boyfriend and new girlfriend, Nora O’Malley has more than one trick up her sleeve to turn the tables on her captors. After all — the art of the con is all she’s ever known, and no one plays the game better than her. Delving into a shadowy world of secret identities and cunning power plays, this highly enjoyable novel offers a layered look at trauma along with fast-paced entertainment in spades.

— Meghan


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