What We’re Reading This Week

It’s Wednesday everyone, and our booksellers know just what that means: it’s that time again to rave about their favorite reads of the week! Scroll on to read all about the books they couldn’t put down.



Amber and Clay by Laura Amy Schlitz

A bear cub of a girl chafes against rules and expectations in her aristocratic Athenian house while a slave with the soul of an artist seeks freedom from his bonds. Destined never to meet in the human realm, their fates entwine through bonds of love and tragedy, leading each of them on unexpected and perilous paths through the ancient world — while the beautiful, vengeful, generous gods tip the scales from above.  Blending verse and prose, archaeological context, and a lesson in Socratic questioning from the master himself, this ambitious novel offers philosophical readers plenty of food for thought. Perhaps not for the casual or reluctant reader, this one will offer a unique reading experience for those thoughtful and inquisitive middle school readers looking for something a bit more complex! I’ve never read anything quite like it. 

— Meghan



Say Nothing by Patrick Radden Keefe

I found this very interesting. I had only a vague idea of The Troubles, and found this book to be a highly informative introduction to this violent period of Irish history that is still influencing politics today. I also found it shocking and sobering to easily compare the mindset and tactics of the IRA, and other paramilitary groups, to the groups that invaded the Capitol on 1/6/21. Highly readable, well-paced, and chilling.

— Ellen



Namesake by Adrienne Young

In this breath-taking sequel, Fable must brave the cruel waters of the Narrows and beyond again to unearth family secrets long buried beneath the sea. Beautifully written, heartbreaking at time, and full of twists and turns that will leave you breathless, Namesake is everything I hoped it would be. In Fable, we explored Saint’s history and drama, learning about the dark side of Fable’s father. In Namesake, we explore Isolde’s life and legacy–from the mysteries of her early life to her skills as a gem sage. Fable must learn about her mother’s past, while also securing her future and the future of the Marigold.

— Natasha

Need more recommendations? Look no further! Find more bookseller reviews like these online at BookPeople.com!

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