What We’re Reading This Week

Spring is just around the corner–we know because our CoffeePeople barista Emily just let us know that spring specials have been added to our menu! Ten out of ten booksellers agree that a nice cup of coffee or tea is the perfect accompaniment to a new book, so be sure to stop by the cafe while you’re browsing this week’s picks. Happy reading!


Amina’s Song by Hena Khan

Freshly back from a life-changing summer connecting with family in Pakistan, Amina isn’t quite sure how to blend all the things she gained from that experience into her daily life at home. And beyond that, she wants to pursue her musical interests, but doesn’t exactly know how. Anchored by authentic middle school relationships that change and grow as friends explore diverging interests, readers will love the way Amina’s story deepens in this charming follow-up to staff favorite, Amina’s Voice.

— Meghan


9781566895965Ramifications by Daniel Saldaña París

Ramifications, the first novel by Daniel Saldaña París to be translated into English, is a sinister little book suffused with a biting humor and morbid curiosity. This ‘mom-gone-missing’ story reels you in only to ensnare you into the dark corners of a neurotic, young man’s mind. I couldn’t help but fall completely headlong into this rousing carousel of toxic machismo and emotional depravity—more please!


Need more recommendations before next week? No worries! Check out our website at BookPeople.com to find more reviews from your favorite booksellers.

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