Virtual Event Replay: Andrew Cotter

We’re back on the blog with another stupendous virtual event replay! Today we’re looking back a few weeks to our too-pure-and-good-for-this-world virtual presentation with Andrew Cotter and a few of his furry friends.

9781682686645_f1f70In Olive, Mabel & MeAndrew Cotter tells the story of his Labrador retrievers (Olive and Mabel!) who rose to internet fame as the subjects of his BBC sports parodies. It’s the kind of heartwarming content we needed after making it through the gauntlet that was 2020…

In our first virtual event of the 2021 virtual programming series, Cotter joined us all the way from across the pond at an ungodly hour of the morning to answer a non-stop slew of audience questions and share plenty of wholesome sleepy pup footage. And you can enjoy a replay of this virtual event now straight from our Facebook page now!

Be sure to order  your copy of Olive, Mabel & Me from BookPeople today for more about this dynamic canine duo!

More virtual events like this one can be found on BookPeople’s Facebook page. If Facebook isn’t your thing, that’s okay—they are available for viewing without an account!

About the author: Andrew Cotter 9781682686645_ai_1_9c6cbis one of the leading commentators on the BBC’s golf, rugby, tennis, and athletics coverage. He has also worked for Sky, BT Sport, ITV, Channel 4, ESPN and Eurosport. When not covering some of the world’s great sporting events, he’s usually up a mountain with his dogs.

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