What We’re Reading 1/12

Anyone else make a New Years resolution to read more in 2021? If so, our booksellers have got you covered! Check out the page below to see which books they’re starting off this new year with.

This manga follows the story of Tasuku Kaname, a high schooler with a secret that he refuses to acknowledge, and the people that he meets because of it. Though the story starts off on a rather grim note, Kaname meets Someone-san, and his journey of self-discovery begins with a simple phrase from her: “You can tell me anything, but I won’t listen.” This is a story that proves that having the space to talk and offer truth is as necessary as it is important. It’s a look into Japanese queer culture and the general outlook on LGBT people within Japan, and discusses the subject with the gravity and finesse that it is rarely granted. On top of a wonderful story, the art is stunning, and works as a piece of the narrative itself, filling in the spaces and emotions that words cannot always encapsulate.
— Lilli

9781949199734The Secret Lives of Church Ladies by Deesha Philyaw

I know I’m late to this book, but I just had to come here to profess my love. Achingly beautiful, funny, and heartbreaking; Philyaw is a worthy representative of all women. Masterfully crafted, these pieces show you how powerful short stories can be.

— Annie



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