What We’re Reading 12/30

We did it, y’all! This is the last Wednesday of the year that no one saw coming. And, as always, our booksellers are here to help you pick out the perfect books to close out the year. Read on below to find some titles to enjoy in between sips of champagne. Have a safe and happy new year, y’all!

9781635574043House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J Maas

Maas is back with a brand-new, sweeping fantasy world. Bryce wants nothing to do with the world after her best friend was murdered. But when similar patterns begin to emerge throughout the city, she finds herself drawn back into the fray. Fans and new readers alive will enjoy Mass’ trademark balance of humor and heartbreak in this epic futuristic fantasy. My only critique is the wait for the next book!

— Madeline



9781975332877Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun by Aidairo 

Yashiro Nene has heard of the seven wonders of the school, just like any other student has. Unlike the rest though, when she hears the tale of Hanako-san of the bathroom, she can’t help herself from asking the spirit for aid. Hanako is a spirit charged with watching over the other apparitions of the school, and he has his hands full when Yashiro busts into his bathroom one evening and begs for help with her love life. Tales of mystery and the supernatural become the daily lives of this pair as they become friends and explore all the wonders that their school has hidden away.

This manga is cute and creepy and heartwarming! You will laugh and cry as you unravel these characters page by page. The art and characters are precious, and if you are a fan of Ouran High School Host Club or The Devil is a Part-Timer, this is the manga for you!

— Lilli


9780811228879The Hole by Hiroko Oyamada

A strange, snappy little book. The Hole describes one summer in the life of Asa, whose move to a house in rural Japan in order to accommodate her husband’s work transfer sets into motion a series of absurd happenings. Strange creatures lurk, parallel worlds are entered, and disorienting conversations abound.
It was a treat getting lost in this one for an afternoon!
— Uriel

Looking for more recommendations to carry you over to 2021? Visit us on our website at BookPeople.com!

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