Exclusive Reading with ‘Hysteria’ Author, Jessica Gross

Watch along with us. Jessica Gross joins us on the blog today with a short reading from her new novel, Hysteria—a shocking debut that Shelf Awareness describes as “a heated, propulsive dive into a troubled young woman’s all-night bender…Coolly sexy and razor-smart, Hysteria presents an urban millennial fever dream with timeless style and insight.” Read the full review here.

Jessica Gross presents “Hysteria” for Book People from Unnamed Press on Vimeo.

Hysteria is available now from BookPeople in-store and online.

9781951213121About Hysteria

In Hysteria, we meet a young woman an hour into yet another alcohol-fueled, masochistic, sexual bender at her local bar. There is a new bartender working this time, one she hasn’t seen before, but who can properly make a drink. He looks familiar, and as she is consumed by shame from her behavior the previous week– hooking up with her parents’ colleague and her roommate’s brother– she also becomes convinced that her Brooklyn bartender is actually Sigmund Freud. They embark on a relationship, and she is forced to confront her past through the prism of their complex, revealing, and sometimes shocking meetings. With the help of Freud–or whoever he is–she begins to untangle her Oedipal leanings, her upbringing, and her desires. Jessica Gross’s debut is unflinchingly perceptive and honest, darkly funny, and unafraid of mining the deepest fears of contemporary lives.

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