What We’re Reading 9/2

Happy Wednesday, everyone! We all know what that means–it’s time for some fresh reading recommendations from your favorite booksellers! Scroll on down to see which titles they couldn’t get enough of this week.

9780593188958Sisters by Daisy Johnson

Ruinous and gorgeous and deeply intelligent. The sort of prose you want to devour one heaping, savory spoonful at a time. I could have kept reading this book forever. Daisy Johnson is a legend!

–Lindsey, Sisters






9780062338792Bottle of Lies by Katherine Eban

A horrifying account by any standards, Bottle of Lies exposes business cultures degraded by compromised morality and corporate anonymity and the story of those who have, and continue, to fight for the rights of all consumers on Earth. It’ll scare you, and it should.






9780525541363Little Eyes by Samantha Schweblin

Little Eyes was creepy and wonderful. Just like everything else Samantha Schweblin has written. Enter a world where there is a kentuki in almost every home. What is a kentuki, you ask? Well it’s a slightly realistic robot pet; ranging from rabbits, crows, and sometimes even dragons. They exist with you in your home like any other pet would, except there is someone real on the other end. Someone human is controlling the kentuki in your home, yet you do not know who they are… It’s creepy right? I mean, who would allow that to happen? And yet… how far away from that are we really? Schweblin sees the world in a way not many do, which is what makes her so great and yet also terrifying.




Looking for more recommendations? Find these books and so many more online at BookPeople.com!

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