REPLAY: Jordan Kisner & Anna Wiener on LitHub’s VIRTUAL BOOK CHANNEL

Now up on LitHub’s Virtual Book Channel: a replay of BookPeople’s May 12th virtual event with Jordan Kisner (Thin Places) and Anna Wiener (Uncanny Valley)! The bookseller favorites and authors of two of the year’s most buzzed about debuts read from and discussed their respective titles, as well as Evangelical Christianity, the search for meaning, and feeling far away from life.


From the episode:

Anna Wiener: Maybe we could talk about what “thin places” are, or what the guiding principles are of the book?

Jordan Kisner: Yes, “thin places.” This was the first essay of the collection, the first I wrote for the book. “Thin Places,” which is the title essay, borrows its name from a Celtic proverb, a notion in Celtic mythology, which says that we are always about three feet from the next world. But there are places in the world called thin places, where those places grow even smaller, thinner, they diminish, and we begin to see the other world, a new way of being. They’re usually associated with moments of awe, and fear, and confusion, because it’s bewildering to suddenly have the world that you’re aware of broken open and see that there is another possibility.

Titles featured here can be purchased from BookPeople online today. And be sure to check out the other virtual events featured on LitHub’s Virtual Book Channelthey’ve been updating it almost daily with bookish content and virtual events happening all ’round the country.

About the Authors:

Anna Wiener is a contributing writer to The New Yorker online, where she writes about Silicon Valley, startup culture, and technology. Her work has appeared in The AtlanticNew YorkThe New Republic, and n+1, as well as in Best American Non-Required Reading 2017. She lives in San Francisco. Uncanny Valley is her first book.

Jordan Kisner received her bachelor’s degree from Princeton University and completed an MFA in creative nonfiction at Columbia University. Her writing has appeared in n+1TheNew York Times Magazine, Harper’s Magazine, GQ, The GuardianThe American ScholarCalifornia Sunday, The New YorkerThe New RepublicNew York magazine, and Pitchfork, among other publications. Her work has received a Pushcart Prize and was selected for Best American Essays 2016.

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