What We’re Reading 2/26

Our booksellers have gone back in time this week to take a look at some classics! Look below for epic battles, political feuds, and decadent parties.


9780743273565The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

I didn’t expect to like The Great Gatsby. Now hear me out; I say this because despite it being insanely popular it takes a lot for me to truly enjoy, not just appreciate, a book that is required reading. But damn, was I taken away. I picked up this book to read in between two huge books, give myself a little break, and then read it in a day. The imagery is the obvious reason it is still required reading to this day, because it is beautiful and provokes thought as you’re reading it. And wow, the story wasn’t what I expected. Not sure how I’ve lived my 28 years without it getting spoiled, but I was shocked. And I. Loved. It. Definitely a book I will reread in the future.

— Lojo

9780399501487Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Golding depicts children in the most extreme of circumstances who succumb to what he calls “mankind’s essential illness” – the savagery that lies under all of our conditioning. I love this exploration of what happens to us when we are at our most desperate, and to ban a book like this is to act as if we can ignore the darker side of humanity.

— Robyn




9780140275360The Iliad by Homer

The rage of Achilles begins this epic tale of love and war, loyalty and honor. As the heroes of old battle to bring Helen back to Greece and regain their honor, Achilles fights his way closer to his destiny of living forever in song and memory. But immortality is never won easily, and the years of siege warfare with Troy will bring more pain and bloodshed before either side can claim victory. One of the oldest extant books of Western literature still has the capacity to pull at your heartstrings after thousands of years.



These titles and so many more can be found on our shelves and on our website. Happy reading, y’all!

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