What We’re Reading 1/15

Have a New Year resolution to read more, but can’t seem to find that next read? Look no further: here are our weekly recommendations from your friendly neighborhood booksellers!

9781644450000Milkman by Anna Burns

Follow an anonymous young Irish woman through the troubles and the trials of being peculiar in a time and place where such differences can be deadly. When an unknown older man takes an interest in her without her consent, she is forced to emerge from the oblivion of youth by a society where there exists no real trust between anyone.

— Robyn



9781501164699 Wildhood by Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz and Kathryn Bowers

I cannot stop mentioning things I learned from this book. It will make you rethink behaviors typically considered to be uniquely human in a new, more informed way. If you’ve ever looked at adolescent human behavior and thought “why in the world would they do this crazy, stupid thing?”, you may be pleased to know that we are far from the only species that engage in these behaviors.

— Allie



9781947793248Famous Men Who Never Lived by K Chess

Famous Men Who Never Lived is a literary sci-fi novel about refugees from one universe having to move on to another because of radiation poisoning. Only a certain amount of people were able to go, so the people who did move onward left potentially everyone they ever knew behind. Mainly this book focuses on a couple who want to salvage important bits of history from their universe.

— Lojo



You can find these titles and other bookseller favorites from previous posts in-store and online now!

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