Amy Edwards on the BookPeople Podcast!

9781631524059_4400bHappy New Year, Readers and Listeners! The first episode of BookPeople’s 2020 season is now live! Before we kick off our programming for the year, listen here to replay our November event between Amy Edwards and Austin-based author Carolyn Cohagan. The pair discuss Edwards’ latest novel, The Trouble with Becoming a Witch!

About the book: For suburban mom Veronica, the real trouble with growing into who she should become isn’t that it’s hard on her; it’s that her husband can’t handle it. But once you’ve woken up, can you go back to sleep?

Veronica thinks she’s happy. But with fight after fight, night after night, she knows that something isn’t right anymore. Then her husband busts her researching witchcraft—and her picturesque suburban life is turned upside down. As her marriage falls apart, she knows that for her own sake and for the sake of her small daughter, something has to change. The Trouble With Becoming A Witch is about what happens when a woman decides to stop living the life everyone has told her she is supposed to lead and starts living a life true to her desires. But seizing your own magic isn’t easy—and as Veronica’s marriage spirals downward, she’s forced to look deeply into who she wants to be-come. Is risking the security of life as she knows it worth becoming the witch—and woman—she knows she truly is?

Amy Edwards is a musician, writer, motivational performer, actress, podcast host, and DJ, as well as a mom to two girls, a dog, and a tortoise. She juggles all this from her home base in Austin, Texas. Amy is the co-author of the children’s book, Starla and the Boogie Deluxe (Archway, 2019). Amy’s other writing work includes her Rock Your Life series (TBD) and The Trouble With Becoming a Witch (She Writes Press, 2019).

Join us here next week for the next installment of The BookPeople Podcast where we’ll present an all new episode featuring an author talk we loved.

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