Teen Thursday: Books To Keep You Up At Night…

Happy Halloween, friends! We have some spooky recommendations for you– for tonight, sure, and for the rest of this dark and mysterious season… check ’em out below!

9780062696618Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand

“It was stuck in a state of collapse, this pit – a tiny, organ-shaped singularity, sucking down the bleeding ravaged bits of who she used to be.”

“Ooooooh! I love this book so, so much. I recommended it nonstop last year and to me, it remains one of the best creepy reads I’ve ever read. Legrand’s writing is so beautiful too, dripping with the same darkness and mystery that occupies the island where girls have been disappearing for decades… – Eugenia

9781250147936The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert

“I love this book because it’s fantastically written; Albert’s use of language and her storytelling cleverness is sheer magic. The story revolves these really dark fairytales–it’s not really /scary/ but I absolutely stayed up late finishing it before I could go to sleep!” – Tomoko


9780316126106The Diviners by Libba Bray

The Diviners is really creepy, it’s a fun departure for Libba. It’s sure to stun and excite not just her fans but fans of the teen fantasy genre across the board.” – Mandy



9780307743664_7a89bCarrie by Stephen King

“Carrie is the brilliant first novel from the master of Horror, Stephen King. Though he’s known for writing about killer clowns, rabid dogs, and nocturnal ghouls, his very best work comes when he writes about the very tender and raw parts of us we rarely show the world.

The brief and frightening saga of Carrie White, high school outcast and unlikely prom queen, is, among other things, a subtle and fierce account of the whirlwind teen years rife with anxiety over puberty, understanding our desires, our parents and the fear of becoming what we most dislike most about them.

I wouldn’t be the reader I am without this book, a book that took the thirteen year-old reader I was seriously and lent a voice to the very real things I was going through and would go through up until high school. It’s tragic, though, somehow still inspiring.” – Uriel

9781101910405Smoke by Dan Vyleta

“A dark tale about guilt, greed, and the darkness of the human spirit.” – Staci




9780316125833I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga

“My son Tom loves this one! This is about a boy whose father is a notorious serial killer, so the boy starts hunting serial killers himself, like Dexter for the YA crowd. A thrilling read!” – Merrilee



9780358108252Not Even Bones by Rebecca Schaeffer

“Nita spends her days dissecting the bodies of the dead that her mom brings home to her. But one day, her mom brings home a live boy and Nita suddenly can’t bring herself to cut him open. After she releases him (spoiler!), Nita finds herself a prisoner to be sold in the same black market her she and her market usually sell to… but who sent her there?” – Natasha


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