BookKids: Books that Make Me HANGRY!

More book covers that look good enough to eat! Today, we’re looking at delicious books for the littlest readers…

Yesterday, I went through some YA covers that used food to lure readers to the shelf! As a huge picture book lover, I HAD to look at some of my favorite titles for young readers that use food as inspiration! Check ’em out below:

Hello, Hot Dog by Lily Murray, illus by Jarvis

9781786031174I immediately fell for this bold, colorful cover that just screams “SUMMER!” Hot dogs make me think of baseball games, picnics at the park, and 4th of July, so I’m pretty sure summer is the only season I find myself craving a good ole hot dog. This silly picture book will bring the laughs along with the cravings, as the ADORABLE (and I’m sure, delicious) hot dog fights to escape the dangers of lunch time.

The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli

9781484712368A modern day classic, which I personally adore in board book form! Our buyer Meghan says: “Watermelon is the perfect summer food. It’s juicy and delicious and such a pretty color. If only it didn’t have seeds. This baby crocodile simply can’t get enough refreshingly pink goodness until he swallows something terrifying: A SEED! What’s a baby crocodile to do but envision all the dreadfully painful consequences to come?”

Rot! The Cutest in the World by Ben Clanton

9781481467629I don’t mean to be rude and eat our protagonist, but I love potatoes! Especially cute, confident, singing potatoes! Rot enters a beauty pageant, originally pretty sure of himself but then becomes insecure when his fellow contestants– a furry bunny, an adorable kitten, a pink jellyfish– are disgusted by his presence. But guess what? Rot will realize he just has to be himself! A great tale that will end in giggles, but have you craving some french fries. No? Just me? Dang.

Bread and Jam for Frances by Russell Hoban, illus by Lillian Hoban

9780060223595I had to include this classic! I still love reading Bread and Jam for Frances, with its silly songs and charming illustrations. Plus, our buyer Meghan once told me I remind her of Frances’s friend Albert, who always brings a VERY packed lunch to school, condiments and all! What can I say? I like to eat well, friends.


Salsa by Jorge Argueta, illus by Duncan Tonatiuh

9781773060033Sure, Jorge Argueta’s Salsa doesn’t SCREAM summer treat, but I personally crave a good spicy salsa all year round. With Duncan Tonatiuh’s signature illustrations, this book is an ode to mother’s salsa, prepared beautifully in one’s home kitchen. I can practically smell the onions… the garlic… the peppers! *sniffs* Oh, it’s all so good. This book reminds me of home, which is why I turn to it again and again!

The Mushroom Fan Club by Elise Gravel

9781770463226OKOKOK hear me out. I know we’re talking about food covers, but… I had to mention this book! Yesterday I hosted a field trip that included 23 very opinionated 4-year-olds. I took them around on a little tour, and when I stopped at our First Nonfiction section, I pulled The Mushroom Fan Club and a little girl enthusiastically yelled, “Mushrooms, YUM!” So this is now officially a “food book” in my mind and the girl and I are now Best Friends Forever. Anyway, Elise Gravel does really creative stuff, including this fantastic nonfiction book about different types of mushrooms, inspired by her family’s nature walks.

What’s your go-to book+snack pairing?

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