What We’re Reading Wednesday

9780062802187_0e281Fascism A Warning

By Madeleine Albright:
Fascism A Warning, notes about people through out history who fear mongered and used emotion to take down government from different parts of the world. Albright, concisely explains to the reader how fascism has been practiced in the past in order to not have events reoccur. With examples like Hitler to Mussolini, Albright makes her argument that anyone with the right momentum can destroy a government.


9780525520375_7c4de.jpgThere There

By Tommy Orange:

There There by Tommy Orange is blowing me away completely. It is the kind of book that I am binge reading, because I frankly cannot stop. It is centered around 12 Native American voices who are all so distinct it isn’t hard to keep up with who’s who; which is an art. It is beautiful, sad, funny, and moving. I’ve read somewhere it’ll probably be required reading one day, it’s just that good. And I full heartedly agree. It’s been a best seller since it came out for a reason.



By Laurie Halse Anderson:

In an indirect sequel to her novel Speak, Anderson has amassed a collection of verse reflecting her life story. This memoir builds slowly from childhood memories to a searing, unflinching look at modern-day rape culture and misogyny. Emotions throb on every page from tender heartache to burning rage. Even for those who are not fans of poetry, Anderson writes in a way that is easily accessible. Readers will not find complex metaphors or literary devices, but rather a soul poured unrestrained onto paper.


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