New Releases 10/2

9780425281420The Hollow of Fear

By Sherry Thomas:

From USA Today bestselling author of A Conspiracy in Belgravia and A Study in Scarlet Women, an NPR Best Book of 2016, comes the newest adventure of Charlotte Holmes, Lady Sherlock, in the Victorian-set mystery series. Under the cover of “Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective,” Charlotte Holmes puts her extraordinary powers of deduction to good use. Aided by the capable Mrs. Watson, Charlotte draws those in need to her and makes it her business to know what other people don’t. Fans of this award-winning series won’t want to miss this newest mystery. Grab your copy and join us TONIGHT, October 2 at 7PM to see Sherry Thomas speak and sign copies of The Hollow of Fear!

9780062642103Bravelands #3: Blood and Bone

By Erin Hunter:

Heed the call of the wild—and discover the third book in this action-packed animal fantasy series from the #1 nationally bestselling author of Warriors. Set in the African savannah and told from three different animals’ points of view, Bravelands is the Erin Hunter series you’ve been waiting for. An elephant entrusted with a powerful gift. A lion treading a dangerous path. A baboon trapped by the truth. A great evil has risen—and it will only be defeated if predator, prey, and scavenger can unite as one. Set in an epic new world and told from three different animals’ points of view, Bravelands will thrill readers who love Spirit Animals and Wings of Fire, as well as the legion of dedicated fans who’ve made Erin Hunter a bestselling phenomenon. Don’t miss hearing Erin Hunter at BookPeople on Wednesday, October 3 at 6PM!

9781481494922_950f8An Easy Death

By Charlaine Harris:

From Charlaine Harris, the beloved #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Sookie Stackhouse series—which became the True Blood television sensation—comes a new thriller that presents a chilling alternative history of the United States where everyone believes in magic—but no one’s sure they can trust it. After the assassination of FDR in the 1930s, the US collapses and is picked off by the UK, Canada, Mexico, and Russia. Gunnie Lizbeth Rose has been hired by a pair of Russian sorcerers as both their local guide and muscle through East Texas as they search for a distant relative of an infamous sorcerer whose bloodline can help save their emperor-in-exile as an ever increasing number of assassins tries to stop them. It’s clear that a powerful force does not want them to succeed in their mission. Lizbeth Rose is a gunnie who has never failed a client, but her oath will test all of her skills and resolve to get them all out alive. Grab your copy and join BookPeople as we host Charlaine with her thrilling new series on Wednesday, October 10 at 7PM!

9780735214200There Will Be No Miracles Here

By Casey Gerald:

The testament of a boy and a generation who came of age as the world came apart—a generation searching for a new way to live. Casey Gerald grew up in Oak Cliff, Texas and went to Yale, where he majored in political science and played varsity football. After receiving an MBA from Harvard Business School, he cofounded MBAs Across America. He has been featured on MSNBC, at TED and SXSW, on the cover of Fast Company, and in The New York Times, Financial Times, and The Guardian, among others. There Will Be No Miracles Here has the arc of a classic rags-to-riches tale, but it stands the American Dream narrative on its head. If to live as we are is destroying us, it asks, what would it mean to truly live? Intense, incantatory, shot through with sly humor and quiet fury, There Will Be No Miracles Here inspires us to question—even shatter—and reimagine our most cherished myths. You won’t want to miss Casey at the store on Thursday, October 11 at 7PM as he shares his inspiring, groundbreaking memoir.

9781501189111Make Something Good Today

By Erin & Ben Napier:

From Ben and Erin Napier, the stars of the hit HGTV show Home Town, comes Make Something Good Today, a memoir that tells us all to seek out the good in life, celebrate the beauty of family and friends, and prosper within our communities because everything we need in life to be happy, is within our grasp. Long before their hugely popular TV show, an expanding family, or demolition day on their dream home, Erin began keeping a daily online journal to help her stay focused on the positive and count her blessings in life. She never expected that her depictions of small-town life in the tiny swath of Mississippi where she Ben call home would catch the eye of a television producer and set them off on the journey of a lifetime. Make Something Good Today offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the struggles and triumphs of a couple that America has come to know and love for their easy humor, adoring relationship, and ability to utterly transform a place into something beautiful and personal. Erin and Ben will be at BookPeople to meet fans and sign copies of their memoir on Thursday, October 4 at 4PM. Visit our website or ask your friendly bookseller to get a voucher to meet the HGTV stars!

9780062846624Builder Brothers Big Plans

By Jonathan & Drew Scott:

Drew and Jonathan Scott, New York Times bestselling authors and hosts of the Emmy-nominated hit HGTV show Property Brothers, bring their winning blend of imagination, humor, and can-do know-how to their first jacketed picture book. It all begins when Drew and Jonathan are doing what they do best—thinking up big plans for even bigger projects. Will they build a tree house? A castle? A catapult? They have a whole lot of big ideas, but no one thinks they can do any of them! The twins brainstorm, scribble, and tinker until they have the perfect big plan. They’ll save every last penny, sketch out some designs, and make a whole lot of noise—builders aren’t known for being quiet—because they know that little kids can do big things. Combining the Scott Brother’s can-do-attitude and knack for building, Builder Brothers: Big Plans is the perfect book for creative kids who dare to dream big. You and your creative kiddos can meet Drew and Jonathan Sunday, October 7 at 4PM! Vouchers for this signing can be purchased online or from your favorite bookseller!

9781941920671Öraefi: The Wasteland

By Òfeigur Sigurdsson:

An ambitious epic novel showcases the brutal elements of human nature and mother nature alike in Iceland’s most desolate region. After a grueling solo expedition on Vatnajökull Glacier, Austrian toponymist Bernhardt Fingerberg returns to civilization, barely alive, and into the care of Dr. Lassi. The doctor, suspicious of his story, attempts to discover his real motives for venturing into the treacherous wastelands of Iceland—but the secrets she unravels may be more dangerous than they’re worth. In 2010, Ofeigur’s second novel, Jón became the first Icelandic novel to receive the European Union Prize for Literature. This latest book, Öræfi, came out in 2014 and was the runaway literary sensation of the year, becoming a massive bestseller and receiving the Icelandic Literary Prize, and it was also chosen as the year’s best book among the country’s booksellers. Come by the store on Friday, October 19 at 7PM to hear Ofeigur speak and sign copies of this sensational Icelandic story.

9781732266247Darling Girl

By Terry H. Watkins:

DG is five the first time her mother goes away. She’ll go away again and again before DG finally understands why: mental illness and a manipulating husband. DG’s family isn’t like other families. Her father moves them constantly. Moving, along with the stigma of mental illness, isolates them. In public, they seem to live the perfect American dream. In private, they grow increasingly unstable. Darling Girl unfolds in a series of vignettes spanning ten years and four continents. Traveling through the fifties and sixties and from apartheid South Africa to the capitals of Europe, the family liveS like so many dancing bears in a traveling circus with her father as the ringmaster. DG’s story is both personal and universal. She’s on a journey from innocence to experience; to the realization that her mother’s illness isn’t the family’s only problem, it’s not even the main one. Come spend the afternoon with author Terry H. Watkins on Sunday, October 21 at 2PM!

9781573247436Protest Kitchen

By Carol J. Adams:

Carol J. Adams is the author of the pioneering Sexual Politics of Meat, which the New York Times called a “vegan bible.” Now she is our with her newest Protest Kitchen—an empowering guide to the food and lifestyle choices anyone can make for positive change in the face of the profound challenges of our time. Our food choices have much more of an impact than most people imagine. They not only affect our personal health and the environment, but are also tied to issues of justice, misogyny, national security, and human rights. The first book to explore the ways in which a more plant-based diet challenges regressive politics and fuels the resistance, Protest Kitchen is a provocative and practical resource for hope and healing featuring over 50 vegan recipes (with alternatives for “aspiring vegans”) along with practical daily actions. Carol will be at BookPeople speaking and signing copies of her new book on Friday, October 12 at 7PM.

9781328809186Grim Lovelies

By Megan Shepherd:

From New York Times bestselling author Megan Shepherd, Grim Lovelies is the glittering first book in a new, epic YA fantasy series. Prepare to be spellbound by the world of Grim Lovelies, where secrets have been long buried, friends can become enemies, and everything—especially humanity—comes at a price. Seventeen-year-old Anouk envies the human world, where people known as Pretties lavish themselves in fast cars, high fashion, and have the freedom to fall in love. But Anouk can never have those things, because she is not really human. Enchanted from animal to human girl and forbidden to venture beyond her familiar Parisian prison, Anouk is a Beastie: destined for a life surrounded by dust bunnies and cinders serving Mada Vittora, the evil witch who spelled her into existence. That is, until one day she finds her mistress murdered in a pool of blood—and Anouk is accused of the crime. Don’t miss this epic adventure from the bestselling author. Megan will be joined by Robin LaFevers (Grave Mercy), Emiko Jean (Empress of All Seasons), and Rebecca Schaeffer (Not Even Bones) on Wednesday, November 14 at 7PM for an exciting YA panel.

grave mercyGrave Mercy

By Robin LaFevers:

The paperback release from author of the New York Times best-selling His Fair Assassin books, seventeen-year-old Ismae escapes from the brutality of an arranged marriage into the sanctuary of the convent of St. Mortain, where the sisters still serve the gods of old. Here she learns that the god of Death Himself has blessed her with dangerous gifts—and a violent destiny. If she chooses to stay at the convent, she will be trained as an assassin and serve as a handmaiden to Death. To claim her new life, she must destroy the lives of others. Ismae’s most important assignment takes her straight into the high court of Brittany—where she finds herself woefully under prepared—not only for the deadly games of intrigue and treason, but for the impossible choices she must make. For how can she deliver Death’s vengeance upon a target who, against her will, has stolen her heart? Robin joins Megan Shepherd (Grim Lovelies), Emiko Jean (Empress of All Seasons), and Rebecca Schaeffer (Not Even Bones) on Wednesday, November 14 at 7PM for an exciting YA panel.

9780451480101Baby Feminists

By Libby Babbott-Klein, Jessica Walker (Illustrated by):

An irresistible timely lift-the-flap board book featuring lush illustrations of your favorite feminist icons as adorable babies! Before Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Mae Jemison, Frida Kahlo, and others were change-making feminists, they were . . . babies! In this board book that’s perfect for budding feminists, lift the flap to discover what these iconic figures might have looked like as adorable babies and toddlers. With its inspiring message that any baby can grow up to make the world a better place for all genders, this sturdy 7“ x 7” board book makes the perfect baby gift for any family that wants to raise children who can recognize Gloria Steinem on sight. Join BookPeople for a very special storytime where author Libby Babbott-Klein will speak and sign copies of Baby Feminists on Saturday, November 17 at 10:30AM!

9781250178138On A Sunbeam

By Tillie Walden:

From Tillie Walden, beloved local author and illustrator, comes an epic graphic novel about a girl who travels to the ends of the universe to find a long lost love. Throughout the deepest reaches of space, a crew rebuilds beautiful and broken-down structures, painstakingly putting the past together. As Mia, the newest member, gets to know her team, the story flashes back to her pivotal year in boarding school, where she fell in love with a mysterious new student. When Mia grows close to her new friends, she reveals her true purpose for joining their ship—to track down her long-lost love. Join Tillie at BookPeople on Thursday, October 4 at 7PM. Or if you can get here a little earlier, you can join our special zine-making workshop before the event. Register HERE!


By Kwame Alexander:

From New York Times bestselling author and Newbery Medal, and Coretta Scott King Honor Book Award-winner Kwame Alexander comes this new young adult fiction novel told through verse and prose about hope, courage, and love. In Swing, things usually do not go as planned for seventeen-year-old Noah. He and his best friend Walt have just been cut from the high school baseball team for the third year in a row, and it looks like Noah’s love interest since fifth grade, Samantha, will never take it past the “best friend” zone. But Walt has big plans for them both, which include making a baseball comeback, getting the girl, and finally becoming cool. As always, Noah is reluctant, but decides to take a risk after discovering a trove of old love letters and an appreciation of jazz music after a stop at the thrift store-letters and a groove that inspire him to send a few love notes of his own. But just as he and Walt’s plans appear to be working, the letters set of a chain of events that upends everything Noah thought he knew about love, friendship, sacrifice, and fate. Kwame will be speaking and signing copies of Swing at Central Presbyterian Church on Monday, October 8 at 7PM. Get your tickets online at!

9781368009614The Seven Torments of Amy and Craig

By Don Zolidis:

Today is a very special day for Don Zolidis, screenplay author and debut YA novelist! Today is pub day for The Seven Torments of Amy and Craig, a nerdy coming of age story in Wisconsin that our booksellers are saying feels “fresh” and “lovingly inspired by 500 Days of Summer with a hefty dash of 90s upper midwest culture”. Tomoko says “Vicarious peeks into the dramatic relationship between Craig and Amy complement the subtle nudges concerning self-understanding, -acceptance, and -involvement (and cautionary plot of idealizing romantic partners) but also present are complex familial and friend relationships that paint a vivid portrait of a teenage life on the cusp of epiphany.” Don’t miss celebrating this momentous book with local author Don Zolidis on Sunday, October 14th at 2PM!

9781250146731History vs Women

By Anita Sarkeesian:

From the founder of Feminist Frequency comes a well-researched, highly relevant, beautifully designed nonfiction book that proves women have always been able to defy stereotypes, challenge the status quo and change the world around them. Rebels, rulers, scientists, artists, warriors, and villains. Women are, and have always been, all these things and more. Looking through the ages and across the globe, Anita Sarkeesian has reclaimed the stories of twenty-five remarkable women who dared to defy history and change the world around them. From Mongolian wrestlers to Chinese pirates, Native American ballerinas to Egyptian scientists, Japanese novelists to British prime ministers, History vs Women will reframe the history that you thought you knew. Come see Anita and get this wonderful book signed this Saturday, October 6 at the 10th annual Texas Teen Book Festival, taking place at St. Edward’s University all day!

9780374307066The Boneless Mercies

By April Genevieve Tucholke:

A dark and gorgeously drawn standalone YA fantasy about a band of mercenary girls in search of female glory. Won in a major six-house auction! Frey, Ovie, Juniper, and Runa are the Boneless Mercies—girls hired to kill quickly, quietly, and mercifully. But Frey is weary of the death trade and, having been raised on the heroic sagas of her people, dreams of a bigger life. When she hears of an unstoppable monster ravaging a nearby town, Frey decides this is the Mercies’ one chance out. The fame and fortune of bringing down such a beast would ensure a new future for all the Mercies. In fact, her actions may change the story arc of women everywhere. Full of fierce girls, bloodlust, tenuous alliances, and unapologetic quests for glory, this elegantly spun tale challenges the power of storytelling—and who gets to be the storyteller. Perfect for fans of Maggie Stiefvater, V.E. Schwab, and Heidi Heilig. Don’t miss April Genevieve Tucholke at the Texas Teen Book Festival on Saturday, October 6 at St. Edward’s University!

9780316341714Muse of Nightmares

By Laini Taylor:

The highly anticipated, thrilling sequel to the New York Times bestseller, Strange the Dreamer, from National Book Award finalist Laini Taylor, author of the bestselling Daughter of Smoke & Bone trilogy. In the wake of tragedy, neither Lazlo nor Sarai are who they were before. One a god, the other a ghost, they struggle to grasp the new boundaries of their selves as dark-minded Minya holds them hostage, intent on vengeance against Weep. Lazlo faces an unthinkable choice—save the woman he loves, or everyone else?—while Sarai feels more helpless than ever. But is she? Sometimes, only the direst need can teach us our own depths, and Sarai, the muse of nightmares, has not yet discovered what she’s capable of. Love and hate, revenge and redemption, destruction and salvation all clash in this gorgeous sequel to the New York Times bestseller, Strange the Dreamer. Catch Lanie taylor at this year’s Texas Teen Book Festival on October 6 at St. Edward’s University!


By Neal & Jarrod Shusterman:

Arizona has decided to keep its water reserves, and won’t give any more water to California. FEMA is dealing with hurricanes on the other side of the country, and through months of red tape, bad bureaucracy, and passing the buck, no one has noticed California’s drought has become a Tap Out. No water anywhere. Not in the taps, not in the reservoirs, not in the pools. Nowhere. This is the story of what happens when (and we do mean “when.” This is not a story of “if”) the worst happens, and the government isn’t there to help. It’s everyone for themselves. Alyssa is about to learn first hand just how far people–herself included–will go to survive. Neal Shusterman is a National Book Award winner, a Michael L. Printz Honor recipient, a New York Times bestselling author, a Boston Globe/Horn Book Fiction Award winner, an ALA Best Book for Young Adults winner, an ALA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers (top ten) winner, and his books have been on the YALSA’S Popular Paperbacks list (What If category). A portion of the proceeds for all sales of Dry will go to Neal and his brother Jarrod are Keynote Speakers at this year’s Texas Teen Book Festival, taking place Saturday, October 6 at St. Edward’s University. Don’t miss them!

9780393244106Gone So Long

By Andrew Dubus III:

Andre Dubus III’s first novel in a decade is a masterpiece of thrilling tension and heartrending empathy. Few writers can enter their characters so completely or evoke their lives as viscerally as Andre Dubus III. In this deeply compelling new novel, a father, estranged for the worst of reasons, is driven to seek out the daughter he has not seen in decades. Daniel Ahearn lives a quiet, solitary existence in a seaside New England town. Forty years ago, following a shocking act of impulsive violence on his part, his daughter, Susan, was ripped from his arms by police. Now in her forties, Susan still suffers from the trauma of a night she doesn’t remember, as she struggles to feel settled, to love a man and create something that lasts. Lois, her maternal grandmother who raised her, tries to find peace in her antique shop in a quaint Florida town but cannot escape her own anger, bitterness, and fear. Cathartic, affirming, and steeped in the empathy and precise observations of character for which Dubus is celebrated, Gone So Long explores how the wounds of the past afflict the people we become, and probes the limits of recovery and absolution. On our shelves now!

9780385541152On Desperate Ground

By Hampton Sides:

From the New York Times bestselling author of Ghost Soldiers and In the Kingdom of Ice, a chronicle of the extraordinary feats of heroism by Marines called on to do the impossible during the greatest battle of the Korean War. On October 15, 1950, General Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Commander of UN troops in Korea, convinced President Harry Truman that the Communist forces of Kim Il-sung would be utterly defeated by Thanksgiving. The Chinese, he said with near certainty, would not intervene in the war. Hampton Sides’ superb account of this epic clash relies on years of archival research, unpublished letters, declassified documents, and interviews with scores of Marines and Koreans who survived the siege. While expertly detailing the follies of the American leaders, On Desperate Ground is an immediate, grunt’s-eye view of history, enthralling in its narrative pace and powerful in its portrayal of what ordinary men are capable of in the most extreme circumstances. History buffs will love this latest Hampton Sides release.

9781101986677The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

By Nick Offerman & Megan Mullally:

Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman reveal the full story behind their epic romance. The year: 2000. The setting: Los Angeles. A gorgeous virtuoso of an actress agreed to star in a random play, and a basement-dwelling scenic carpenter said he would assay a supporting role in the selfsame pageant. At the first rehearsal she surveyed her fellow cast members, determining if any of the men might qualify to provide her with a satisfying fling. Her gaze fell upon the carpenter, and like a bolt of lightning the thought struck her: no dice. Moving on. Yet, unbeknownst to our protagonists, Cupid had merely set down his bow and picked up a rocket launched . . . that fired a love rocket (not a euphemism). The players were Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman, and the resulting romance, once ignited, was…epic. Beyond epic. It resulted in a coupling that has endured to this day; a sizzling, perpetual tryst that has captivated the world with its kindness, athleticism, astonishingly low-brow humor, and true (fire emoji) passion. Eighteen years later, they’re still very much in love and have finally decided to reveal the philosophical mountains they have conquered, the lessons they’ve learned, and the myriad jigsaw puzzles they’ve completed. Who wouldn’t be interested in a love story for the ages? On our shelves now!

9780735232143A Map of Days

By Ransom Riggs:

From the bestselling author of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children—one of the hottest series on the market for years—comes a fourth installment for continuing fans. This new arc, set in America and packed with brand-new secrets and big stakes for Jacob and his friends, is also a perfect entry point for newer Peculiar Children fans. Having defeated the monstrous threat that nearly destroyed the peculiar world, Jacob Portman is back where his story began, in Florida. Except now Miss Peregrine, Emma, and their peculiar friends are with him, and doing their best to blend in. But carefree days of beach visits and normalling lessons are soon interrupted by a discovery—a subterranean bunker that belonged to Jacob’s grandfather, Abe. Don’t miss out on this great new adventure from Ransom Riggs, who will be in Austin for the Texas Book Festival, taking place on the Capitol grounds October 27-28.

9780802128782Virgil Wander

By Leif Enger:

The first novel in ten years from award-winning, million-copy bestselling author Leif Enger, Virgil Wander is an enchanting and timeless all-American story that follows the inhabitants of a small Midwestern town in their quest to revive its flagging heart. Midwestern movie house owner Virgil Wander is “cruising along at medium altitude” when his car flies off the road into icy Lake Superior. Virgil survives but his language and memory are altered and he emerges into a world no longer familiar to him. Awakening in this new life, Virgil begins to piece together his personal history and the lore of his broken town, with the help of a cast of affable and curious locals—from Rune, a twinkling, pipe-smoking, kite-flying stranger investigating the mystery of his disappeared son; to Nadine, the reserved, enchanting wife of the vanished man, to Tom, a journalist and Virgil’s oldest friend; and various members of the Pea family who must confront tragedies of their own. Into this community returns a shimmering prodigal son who may hold the key to reviving their town. You’ve waited ten years for a new release from Leif Enger, don’t wait a minute more to grab a copy!

9781524732646Blood Communion

By Anne Rice:

The Vampire Chronicles continue with a riveting, rich saga—part adventure, part suspense—of Prince Lestat and the story of the Blood Communion as he tells the tale of his coming to rule the vampire world and the eternal struggle to find belonging, a place in the universe for the undead, and how, against his will, he must battle the menacing, seemingly unstoppable force determined to thwart his vision and destroy the entire vampire netherworld. In this spellbinding novel, Lestat, rebel outlaw, addresses the tribe of vampires, directly, intimately, passionately, and tells the mesmerizing story of the formation of the Blood Communion and how he became Prince of the vampire world, the true ruler of this vast realm, and how his vision for all the Children of the Universe to thrive as one, came to be. Fans of Anne Rice will love this continuation of the cult favorite series.

9780374156060The Flame

By Leonard Cohen:

The final collection of the seminal musician and poet, which he was determined to complete before his death. Just weeks before his death in late 2016, Leonard Cohen told The New Yorker that he was ready for the end to come. He just wanted enough time to put his last book in order. Fortunately, that time was granted. The Flame is Cohen’s eloquent farewell, a valedictory collection of lyrics, poems, notebook sketches, and self-portraits that maps his singular creative journey. As noted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s citation, “For six decades, Leonard Cohen revealed his soul to the world through poetry and song—his deep and timeless humanity touching our very core.” In addition to new poems about war, desire, regrets, lamb chops, and hummingbirds, and lyrics from his last three albums, including the chart-topping “You Want It Darker,” The Flame includes carefully selected excerpts from Cohen’s voluminous notebooks, which he kept faithfully over the years. Readers will find in these pages the subjects that have always preoccupied Cohen: the dimensions of love, the secret code of existence, and the hope for transcendence in a broken world.

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  1. Protest Kitchen looks awesome! Also, I definitely need to read the Bravelands series. I loved Warriors growing up so I bet I’ll like Bravelands too, even if I’m technically an adult now.

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