What We’re Reading This Week

Cruel PrinceThe Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Books with maps are (mostly) always amazing! Holly Black does not disappoint with her new novel. And her world building is saga-worthy. I am obsessed with the illustrations and all the detail that has been put into this tantalizing royal tale of faeries, espionage, and overcoming fear.




heap house

Heap House by Edward Carey

The 1st novel in Carey’s Iremonger Trilogy, this book is the book that I wish I’d been able to read as a child. It features two protagonists, Clod Iremonger—a member of the mysterious, reclusive, Iremonger family, who live in a giant mansion surrounded by heaps of garbage—and Lucy Pennant, an orphan whose parents have fallen victim to a strange illness that turns people as stiff as objects. When Lucy is plucked from her orphanage and sent to work for the Iremonger family, she and Clod cross paths, and the adventure begins. This is a book for kids and adults alike, Carey takes his audience seriously, regardless of age, and it shows.


Titus andronicus

Titus Andronicus by Shakespeare

One of Shakespeare’s earliest works, Titus remains one of the most controversial. What this play lacks in finesse, it makes up for in evil and blood. Get lost in the horror and deceit of this anachronistic tale of royals in ancient Rome. Be warned, it’s a tragedy!



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