What We’re Reading This Week

ghostlandGhostland: An American History in Haunted Places

By Colin Dickey:

This book is turning out to be much more than I anticipated. This book takes a look at how our history has shaped the paranormal and how the paranormal has shaped our modern world. From the origin of the spiritualists movement, to whitewashing ghost stories, and to the beginnings of the KKK—this book has it all. This is turning out to be a book I’d recommend to anyone interested in history and the macabre.



not the girls

Not The Girls You’re Looking For

By Aminah Safi:

This debut novel by Safi is uniquely written. Winner of the WNDB’s short essay contest, Safi’s novel is set in Houston, TX and focuses on Lulu Saad, an Arab-American girl, and her three best friends. They tackle growing up, discovering themselves, and making it out of high school in one piece…maybe. Safi’s style is beautifully distinctive and her message pure and representative.




Give me your hand

Give Me Your Hand

By Megan Abbott

In high school, Kit and Diane become fast friends through their shared ambition. That is, until Diane shares a dark secret that ultimately ruins their bond. Years later, they are both postgraduate researchers vying for the same position in the lab. The secrets come back to haunt them and new tensions arise. Suspenseful, twisty, and powerful—fans of Abbott and folks new to her work will immediately be sucked in by her latest novel.


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