What We’re Reading This Week

you dont have to like me

You Don’t Have to Like Me: Essays on Growing Up, Speaking Out, and Finding Feminism by Alida Nugent

You Don’t Have to Like Me is light, informative, and downright funny. This book of short, clever, feminist essays is perfect for reading between dips in the pool, or at all once on a lazy day! Alida writes like she’s talking to an old friend and makes complex feminist concepts easy and accessible. This is a great introduction to feminism if you’re new to the movement, but is an excellent affirming read for more seasoned veterans.




Headhunters by Jo Nesbo

Headhunters is a gripping, more than twisting — wrenching — tale about a corporate headhunter cum art thief who picks the wrong mark. It is an essential Scandinavian crime fiction novel from one of its true masters at the peak of their powers. Plus, the chase scene is downright unshakable.





how not


How Not to be Popular by Jennifer Zeigler

How Not to be Popular is the perfect summer read — set in ATX, written by a local author, and full of fun. When Maggie gets moved to her third high school she decides she’s DONE making friends. Instead, she decides to be the weird kid to repel others — too bad she moved to Austin. A beautiful novel about accepting change, the love of others, and loving yourself.


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