BookPeople Celebrates World Poetry Day!

At BookPeople, we believe in the enormous power of poetry. Poetry can shape and reshape our worlds, heal our exhausted hearts, and magnify the beauty of nature. In observance of World Poetry Day, we’d like to highlight the poetry display two of our booksellers, Karsten and August, created for the store.

We invite you to come in and contribute. Leave a poem you’ve written, a poem you love, or a poem you found at just the right time in your life. One of the most meaningful experiences of poetry is when you share it with others and when it is, in turn, shared with you. Take a look at some of the poems we’ve collected so far:

IMG_0191    940AF033-45E5-4DB2-AE15-9CCCED0DEDE6.JPG

E268138A-34E6-47EC-98C1-64F139A5BB37 (1).JPG

EDB7B499-97E0-49E1-B5AC-51807AB6AD3C (1).JPG

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