The Romance Bookshelves: All Things Celtic

Cathy Maxwell is the Austin-based author of over thirty best-selling historical romance novels. She writes a monthly column for BookPeople. Visit to learn more.

What is it about Scotland that stirs the romantic heart? Is it the history, the music, or the men in kilts who toss cabers as if they weigh nothing and the women who are more than a match for them? It’s all of it. This month, here is a look at three stories set in Scotland, but in different eras. By the way — is it a coincidence that two books have “Devil” in the title? I think not!

devil 1

1752 – The stakes for love are high in Julia London’s Devil in the TartanAulay Mackenzie finds his ship taken over by the headstrong Lottie Livingstone. She is on a mission to save her clan, and she isn’t going to let Aulay stand in the way. Except he does — in a wonderful clash of wills. Bonus: Julia is an Austin writer.


devil 2

1816 – I adore second chances. Becca MacCreath married the wrong man. She is about to make the same mistake again by marrying the son of her late husband’s business partner when who should walk in the door but Callum MacCreath. There had been a time when Callum enjoyed drinking and women (including Becca, until she chose to marry his brother) more than responsibility. Callum then left the country and years in Canada have seasoned him. He’s now back to solve his brother’s murder and his chief suspect is Becca, the woman he hasn’t ever been able to forget. Don’t you love it? Suzanne Enoch’s Devil in Scotland has the twists and fast pace to keep anyone reading late into the night.  


scotland 1

2017 – This description sums up writer Patience Griffin: “She has a master’s degree in nuclear engineering but spends her days writing stories about hearth and home, and dreaming about the fictional small town of Gandiegow, Scotland.”  If you are a fan of the Mitford series — of small town romance, and full-bodied characters — you will adore Patience’s “Kilts and Quilts” series. It Happened in Scotland is another second-chance-at-love tale. Rachel lost her husband three years earlier. She decides to bring her daughter to Gandiegow to meet her grandfather when (surprise!) Brodie, the man who gave her second thoughts on her wedding day, just happens to be in the village at the same time. You will also want to follow it up with Blame it on Scotland when it releases in April.


Final Tidbits:

OSRBC Austin meets the third Sunday of every month at 3:30 p.m. on the third floor of BookPeople. March 18, we will discuss Enchanted by Elizabeth Lowell. April 15, we will be all about Dating-ish by Penny Reid. 

The Romance Book Club at the New Central Library will host the always entertaining Sherry Thomas. Sherry will talk about her book My Beautiful Enemy as well as field questions. Should be good fun. Be there April 10 at 6:30 p.m. 

♥ June 1 is the evening for the next Heart of ATX Reading Salon where readers and writers come together. Three writers will read from their books. The ticket price is a donation to a local charity. Mark the date on your calendar. Beverly Jenkins, Tracy Wolff, and Vivian Jackson will be our guests.

— Cathy Maxwell 



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