BookKids celebrates World Toilet Day!

We hit pause on the holidays for an oft-ignored celebration: World Toilet Day!

This time of year, turkeys and Christmas trees take over the store. You will find books about these classic holidays on every bookshelf, every display: Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa. But in BookKids, there’s always room to play…

IMG_2140World Toilet Day (Nov. 19) focuses on wastewater, asking, “Where does our poo go?” This is not only a great opportunity to talk responsible waste disposal, but also to have a bit of fun and read about potty training and– yup, you guessed it. Poop!

Our potty training section is always a popular one, so we highlighted some staff favorites (along with a great fashion pick).

“I love Potty Animals, with its bright and charming illustrations, which are sure to get a little one interested. Animal books in general are the best.” – Tomoko, Art Director

Poop: A Natural History of the Unmentionable is absolutely fascinating. Nicola Davies, a zoologist, takes us through a pretty specific journey of animal poop. Rhinos, dinosaurs, sloths, sheep– what does their poop look like? What do they use it for? Where does it go? Plus, the illustrations are hilarious. No, I’m not a parent, but I love this book anyway.” – Eugenia, Kids Event/Marketing Coordinator

“My obvious pick for for World Toilet Day is our Everyone Poops onesie and T-shirt! Why? Because it is TRUE. And it makes my kids laugh every time they see it.” – Staci, Kids Inventory Manager

Learn more about World Toilet Day and the importance of the poo journey here!


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