Notes from the buyer’s desk: Accidental selfies, Bill Clinton’s thriller and more!

Consuelo is a book buyer (professionally!) and therefore the envy of bibliophiles everywhere. Here, she fills us in on the latest literary news. 
death book

Death: A Graveside Companion is a cool book that just hit the shelves–a comprehensive compilation of art and artifacts about death. A beautiful book for all the macabre weirdos who keep Austin strange. This pic is also an unintentional selfie–can you see me?

Two books that were so popular we had to wait for reprints are now back in stock! The Power by Naomi Alderman is a dystopian novel with a The Handmaid’s Tale vibe, all about what happens when women assume power. Also on the shelf after a delay is Basketball (and Other Things) by Shea Serrano. He brings the same wit he delighted us with in The Rap Year Book to a new subject that will amuse any sports fan.

We’re stocking up on bookseller favorites both old and new for the upcoming holidays, so come check out the staff selections in your favorite section of the store for some truly beloved reads.

An upcoming book to look forward to–Bill Clinton has teamed up with James Patterson to write a political thriller called The President is Missing. Not released until June 2018, it will surely be a fun summer read for its kitsch value alone, even if mysteries and thrillers aren’t your go-to genre.
— Consuelo

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