Take a Trust Fall with us!

TrustfallSQ1The latest edition of our Trust Fall subscription box is here, available to order on its own or as part of a yearly subscription. The new box features The Readymade Thiefa novel by Augustus Rose.

The Readymade Thief follows the story of Lee Cuddy, a seventeen-year-old who is on the run in the streets of Philadelphia after taking the fall for a wealthy friend’s mistake. Alone and unsure of what to do, she accepts help from an underground cooperative called The Crystal Castle, made up mostly of homeless kids squatting in abandoned buildings and hosting elaborate, secret, invitation-only parties in abandoned spaces throughout the city. When it becomes clear the upper members of The Crystal Castle have dark ulterior motives, Lee finds an ally in Tomi, a young artist and dark-net hacker who helps her navigate the dangerous world she finds herself in.  The contemporary artwork of Dada artist Marcel Duchamp come into play, symbolic and otherwise, in the mythology of the secret society and what they want with Lee.

Eugenia Vela, our Kids’ Event Coordinator, said The Readymade Thief was “an incredibly fun, suspenseful, and at times creepy (feel-like-someone’s watching) read. Lee is a fantastic and unlikely heroine, Augustus Rose’s writing is beautiful and concise, and after I finished I had to do some Duchamp research of my own this is one of those books anyone will enjoy”. Jessica Ballengee, our Gifts Inventory Manager, said “this book was so incredibly absorbing I basically did nothing for two days but read it! The many layers going on in the book – homelessness, secret societies, art history, and urban exploration made this book phenomenal”.


In this Trust Fall Book Club Package you will find:

  • A signed, first edition of Augustus Rose’s debut novel, The Readymade Thief
  • An exclusive Trust Fall Q&A with Augustus Rose
  • A pocket-sized survival tool from Kikkerland (not that we encourage breaking & entering, but just in case..)
  • A postcard featuring Marcel Duchamp’s artwork

Get your box at BookPeople.com

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