New Books 3/21!

John Scalzi – The Collapsing Empire

Fans of LOCK IN and THE END OF ALL THINGS rejoice–John Scalzi has a new series coming out! THE COLLAPSING EMPIRE is the first in a space opera sequence, set in a universe governed by The Flow–an interdimensional field that allows humanity to traverse the furthest reaches of space. But, like a river, The Flow is not static, and as it moves entire dependent worlds are cut off from the rest of humanity. It’s a race against time to save an intersteller empire from total collapse! Best of all, John Scalzi will be here THIS SUNDAY at 3PM to talk about his new series and sign books!

Katey Sagal – Grace Notes 

Actress, author, singer/songwriter, and voice of our very favorite cyclops (sorry Scott Summers ^__~) , Katey Sagal has lived an incredible life, from childhood with a chronically depressed mother, to her entrance on the music and acting scene, to her own motherhood. With a variety of topics, beautiful poetic language, and a strong sense of self, Sagal will delight and enchant old fans and new in this gorgeously wrought memoir. Plus, we couldn’t be more excited! April 1st at 6 PM, Katey Sagal will be here, speaking and signing GRACE NOTES. Order your book now from to save your spot in the signing line!

Ayssa Mastromonaco, Lauren Oyler – Who Thought This Was a Good Idea

Alyssa Mastromonaco is currently the CEO of VICE Media, but previously she served as Assistant to teh President and Deputy Chief of Staff at the White House. WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA? is her incredibly funny behind-the-scenes political memoir, an intimate and admiring portrait of a president, a candid book of advice for young women, and a promising debut from a savvy political star.

Joy Wilson – Joy the Baker Over Easy 

Joy the Baker is back! With a new cookbook designed especially for those morning food craving, these mouthwatering brunch recipes are accompanied by delectable full color photos in a collection that boasts everything from strawberry shortcake donuts to praline bacon and lasagna grilled cheese! Replete with Joy’s irreverent and wacky flair, this latest book from Joy Wilson is a must-have for every late breakfast lover…but guess what, you could snag a signed copy! April 5 at 7PM Joy Wilson will be here at Bookpeople talking about her favorite recipes and signing OVER EASY!

Jonathan Lethem – More Alive and Less Lonely

We love books about books! MORE ALIVE AND LESS LONELY collects over a decade of Jonathan Lethem’s finest writing on writing, with new and previously unpublished material, including: impassioned appreciations of forgotten writers and overlooked books, razor-sharp critical essays, and personal accounts of his most extraordinary literary encounters and discoveries.

Deb Olin Unferth – Wait Til You See My Dance 

Celebrated local author Deb Olin Unferth’s wickedly comic, cutting edge fiction is revered by much of America, including our very own booksellers! WAIT TILL YOU SEE ME DANCE is her first standalone collection of short fiction, filled with extraordinary, intoxicating short stories that lure you in with the promise of amiable lightheartedness and swerve sudenly into profound and terrifying emotions that lie at the heard of the present American Dream. Bookseller Uriel has a ton of love for Unferth’s collection, he says “Wait Till You See Me Dance is full of gems! Unferth’s stories are vibrant and brim with heart, soul, humor and an energy I liken to a million compressed springs waiting to jump out at you! She treads the unsteady terrain of the 21st century with tales of domestic drama and ennui using her trademark speed and deft ear for our ever present anxiety and distress. Unferth’s prose is smart, rich, original – she is a treasure!” Best of all, we all get to meet Deb Olin Unferth March 29TH at 7PM! Join us for an incredible talk and signing with the author!

Lisa See – The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane

This new book from the bestselling author of CHINA DOLLS and SNOW FLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN is powerfully moving new novel about a family, separated by circumstances, culture, and distance–the story of a young Chinese mother forced to give her child up, the adoptive American mother trying to create the best life for her troubled daughter, and the child torn between her Chinese roots and California’s free-spirited culture. THE TEA GIRL OF HUMMINGBIRD LANE paints an unforgettable portrait of the little known yunnan region and its people and celebrates the bond that connects mothers and daughters.

The Moth – All These Wonders 

“The Moth’s a storytelling thing…you talk about real life things that happened to you, in front of a live audience” is how The Moth was explained to Neil Gaiman ten years ago. Today’s collection, ALL THESE WONDERS, presents 45 incredible, unforgettable true stories about risk and courage, of facing the unknown and how life is changed indeliby by discoverign what is discovered there–the very best that graced The Moth’s stage.

Greg Iles – Mississippi Blood

The highly anticipated conclusion to Greg Iles’ epic Penn Cage trilogy is finally here! As always, MISSISSIPPI blood is an action-packed reckoning with the worst of Mississippi history, layering place and time in a narrative that feels like Faulkner sat down with James Ellroy and looked to Jim Thompson for guidance on portraying Southern excess. Renowned for his literary and richly detailed take on the crime genre, we’re so excited that he’s coming to BookPeople April 18th at 7PM. We’ll see you soon for what promises to be an incredible event!

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