New Releases 12/13!

Roxane Gay – Difficult Women

“This is more than a book about difficult women. These are stories about how difficult situations transform ordinary women. These women are our friends, neighbors, sisters, ourselves. These stories are, of course, difficult to read, but necessary to understand how women deal with and internalize pain. How that pain doesn’t destroy, but transforms–and leads women to seek out their own destruction. I’ve added this to my library of “The Complex Inner Lives of Women.” – Jan, Second Floor Inventory Manager

Banana Yoshimoto – Moshi-Moshi

From the author of best-selling, award-winning KITCHEN comes a beautiful new book from Banana Yoshimoto about recovery and rebuilding after the sudden death of a loved one. Jan says: “I’m excited to read this new translation. Banana Yoshimoto is a much underrated Japanese writer. Of course, I’m always attracted to stories about grief and the failure of human connection. Add a supernatural element to it and I’m sold. It’s time to graduate from Murakami, friends. If your library doesn’t include a Banana Yoshimoto title, you’re not paying enough attention to world literature.”

Steven Pinker et all – Do Humankind’s Best Days Lie Ahead

What better philosophical question to ponder this time of year than the one at the crux of the 17th semi-annual Munk Debates: is the human condition improving, or just changing? Is progress an inevitable fact or just an ideological description of reality? This new book is filled with thought-provoking discussions of the pros and cons from leading scientists, philosophers, and authors….but what do you think?

James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein – Word of Mouse 

Tomoko, our art director, has a fondness for kids books about mice so she was pretty excited when this one came in today. “Full of adventure, friendship, mouse proverbs and really fantastic illustrations, not to mention a little blue mouse with a voluminous vocabulary – it’s like Patterson, Grabenstein, and Sutphin bundled my favorite things into a book!”

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