Austin Events for the Literati – November

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Each month I’ll be investigating events around town that might pique the interest of the book nerds, the literature obsessed, and those who enjoy stimulating entertainment and/or socializing. Not surprisingly, Austin has a number of things going on every month the Book People community would enjoy. 

Fantastical Fictions Presents: Robert Jackson Bennett

Malvern Books

Tuesday, November 1st @ 7pm


Award-winning author, Robert Jackson Bennett will be speaking at the Fantastical Fictions series at Malvern Books, hosted by Chris Brown and Rebecca Schwarz. Bennett’s current fantasy series includes City Of Stairs, City of Blades, and the upcoming City of Miracles takes place in a complex world where the old gods are being killed off by the state. His is a fresh take on dark and familiar themes within the genre. He’s won the Shirley Jackson aware twice, and the Edgar Award, and has been compared to the likes of Stephen King, Upton Sinclair, and Philip K. Dick (all three very large shoes to fill indeed). If you haven’t read any of his work, this even is a great place to get acquainted with one of the rising stars in genre fiction.

Austin Shakespeare presents PRESENT LAUGHTER

Long Center for the Performing Arts – Rollins Theater

November 16 – December 4th


Noël Coward’s Present Laughter is a rollicking romantic farce set in the 1930s, starring award-winning actor and Austin Shakespeare favorite Marc Pouhé (Macbeth, Othello, Cyrano). Coward’s semi-autobiographical play is full of seduction, sophistication, and a lot of cocktails, as love affairs rise and fall.

This light and witty comedy is a perfect way to start your holiday season! See show schedule and get your tickets HERE!


Austin Shakespeare presents professional theatre of the highest quality with an emphasis on the plays of William Shakespeare, bringing to the public performances that are fresh, bold, imaginative, thought-provoking and eminently accessible, connecting the truths of the past with the challenges and possibilities of today.


V For Vendetta at Alamo Lakeline

Saturday, November 5th @ 3:20pm 

V for Vendetta.jpgPerhaps one of the greatest comic book adaptations of all time, V for Vendetta is a personal favorite of mine for many reasons (and not just because I also love the source material). Hugo Weaving is brilliant as V – so much so that you know what expression he is making behind the mask he wears throughout. And the film itself is so gorgeous, it really deserves to be seen on the big screen regularly.

Get your tickets HERE!

Lord of the Rings Trilogy Feast (Alamo Ritz)

Thursday, November 10th @ 10am


Yes, it is that time again! Time for the 12 hour, 3-film marathon at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz! There are two ticket options – Admission with Food or Admission with Food and Beverage (I would definitely go for the latter, as the food and drink pairings are spot on).

Get your tickets early as this sells out in advance EVERY YEAR! Also, don’t forget to give some love to your servers (in the form of cash gratuity), who work SO UNBELIEVABLY HARD for this event.

If you are on the fence about this because of the price tag, just take a look at the menu:


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


(Truly a title that needs no explanation if ever there was one)

Opens everywhere on Thursday, November 17th

Get your tickets for Alamo Drafthouse Screenings HERE!

Finally, a word about the recurring monthly events below. If you haven’t attended any of these, please take a closer look. These are incredible storytelling and social events, and the organizers put them on EVERY MONTH, which is a lot of work (anyone that has ever organized an event will know what I am talking about). I’ve attended a number of these and every time is an incredibly rewarding and, more importantly, entertaining experience. You can think of it as socializing with a purpose, or social education for adults, or beer-learning (or “learnin'” if you are really Texas, like me). However you view it, these events offer more than just a place to drink and hang out. Not only are you being entertained, but you are supporting what could very well be the next (insert favorite author/scientist/philosopher of your choice here)!!! And who doesn’t want to be a part of that origin story?


One Page Salon (every 1st Tuesday) – Tuesday, November 1st – 7:30pm @ The North Door (FREE)

Nerd Nite (every 2nd Wednesday) – Wednesday, November 9th – 7:30pm @ The North Door (FREE)

TL;DR (every 3rd Tuesday) – Tuesday, November 15th – 7pm @ The Whip In (FREE)

Astronomy on Tap (every 3rd Thursday) – Thursday, November 15th – 7pm @ The North Door (FREE)

Testify (every fourth Thursday, but in November it’s on FRIDAY) – FRIDAY, November, 25th– 7:30pm @ The Spider House Ballroom ($5)

Greetings From Queer Mountain (every last Wednesday) – Wednesday, November 30th – 9pm @ Cheer Up Charlie’s (FREE)

Austin Events for the Literati is researched, curated, and written by bookseller Sarah Holdgrafer. It’s purpose is to make it easier to discover events that would interest people in the literary scene, or just people that read the BookPeople blog, here in ATX. It is by no means comprehensive!

So, if you are hosting, or just know about, a literary themed event here in Austin in the upcoming months, email sarah.holdgrafer (at) gmail dot com and let her know about it (hopefully with at least a few weeks advance warning)! The Austin Events for the Literati blog post goes up by the 1st of every month.

NOTE: These events are not produced by or affiliated with BookPeople. We just think they are great, that you’ll like them too, and hope to see you there! For official BookPeople events, please see the BookPeople Events Calendar!

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