Top Shelf in October: The World of YA


Image result for replica lauren oliverReplica by Lauren Oliver

Replica reads like an episode of Orphan Black: there are clones, and love stories, and loss, and the story changes depending on perspective. I loved the two storylines! There’s something very satisfying in finishing the narrative from one side and being able to flip it to the other side for a new point of view. Each girl’s story enhances the other, and the varying methods of reading this book make it fun to read all over again.” – Demi, BookKids Event and Marketing Coordinator

Lauren Oliver will be here speaking and signing October 12th at 7PM.

Image result for three dark crownsThree Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

“On an island far removed from the rest of the world, mysticism, magic, and tradition are the most important aspects of a matriarchal society. Three sisters are raised as solitary queens, taught that their destiny is to compete against each other to the death for the throne. I loved how dark and complex the exploration of this feminine society was; it’s clear that even in this world, matriarchal society is an outlier. The intricacies of political machinations were fascinating–excellent for anyone who enjoyed Grave Mercy. Three Dark Crowns was great, and I can’t wait to see where it goes next!” – Tomoko, Art Director

Kendare Blake will be here speaking and signing October 12th at 7PM.

Image result for midnight star marie luThe Midnight Star by Marie Lu

“What I find interesting about the Young Elites series is that it’s a trope done in an original way: teenagers with superpowers, thrust into an incredibly intricate, Age of Enlightenment time period. Personally, what attracted me to the books is that these kids are not Good: they have trauma and superpowers in a society that damns and vilifies those same powers. Lu doesn’t shy away from the trauma or talk down to her audience–these characters face prejudice, violence, and hatred, and it has an effect on them. The decisions the characters make have real weight, and Lu does an amazing job of showing you who they are through their actions. Complex storytelling for the win!” – Jan, Second Floor Inventory Manager

Marie Lu will be here speaking and signing October 17th at 7PM.

Image result for ashes laurie halse andersonAshes by Laurie Halse Anderson

“I was so excited to get my hands on this book! Laurie Halse Anderson’s wonderful Seeds of America trilogy wraps up with Ashes. As with Chains and Forge, the book uses a pivotal battle of the American Revolution as a backdrop and metaphor for the emotional, dangerous, and tumultuous lives of Isabel and Curzon. These two characters have grown up during the trilogy’s five year time span. Isabel at long last does find her younger sister, but she finds her very changed and unwilling to forgive Isabel for the past. Curzon is unwavering in his support for the emerging country and puts himself on the front lines even though his status as a free man is not guaranteed.  Anderson has done an amazing amount of research and uses it well to inform the story without overwhelming it. This is a fantastic conclusion to a must-read trilogy for any history buff.” – Ellen, School Events Coordinator

Laurie Halse Anderson will be here speaking and signing October 24th at 6PM.

Image result for geminaGemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

“I loved the first in the series, Illuminae, a high-octane space adventure that included mouthy heros, a sentient computer system, and a deadly virus. Gemina follows through with the same breakneck pace and smart protagonists, although we switch focus to another area of space and two new characters. The transition is excellent, and I am as completely charmed by Hanna and Nik as I was by Ezra and Kady. I love Kaufman and Kristoff’s space age future: it’s gritty, and difficult, and real, and while I would never want to be stationed at any of these far-flung outposts, I love reading about them.” – Thomas, Master Bookseller

Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff will be here speaking and signing October 30th at 2PM.

Image result for and i darkenAnd I Darken by Kiersten White

“Alternate history with a gender swapped Vlad the Impaler and A Game of Thrones style political maneuverings set in the Ottoman Empire was not something I even knew I was looking for as a reader, but this book immediately grabbed my interest with its unusual concept and kept me enthralled from start to finish. Lada gets top billing as the fierce and (not slightly) sinister heroine. The character of her brother Radu is equally as fascinating and complex.  Each must make sacrifices as they struggle to find their own place in the world amidst ever raising stakes. A story about love and hate, ambition and betrayal, friendship and family, And I Darken is an example of how YA can defy stereotypes and be whatever it wants to be.” – Consuelo, Floor Manager

Kiersten White will be here speaking and signing October 30th at 2PM.

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