Bryan Cranston’s book is here!

9781476793856ICYMI, Bryan Cranston has a new memoir out today! Stephen, one of our managers, is a huge Cranston fan and read & reviewed it. Check out his thoughts, and get a ticket to see Cranston in Austin on October 20th!
Bryan Cranston’s memoir A Life In Parts explores the path of an artist traveling between personal life experience and performance.  Within this book Cranston grants us privilege to the roles he’s held both on and off screen paying equal care to the importance they share in molding each other.  The actor, son, brother, husband, father, friend, co-star, and various other title holder gives insight into how he scrutinizes over the minutia of each character he is charged with developing by pulling from his real life roster of titles and history. He is a man as complex as any character he has portrayed on stage or screen.
Cranston, now in his 60’s, has seen the bulk of his career successes later in life and spends much of the book filling in the years prior to becoming the A-list actor recognizable to millennials and grandparents alike.  His early years as the son of a semi-professional boxer and aspiring actor of a father whose parental presence would diminish over pursuit of his own lofty goals, and a struggling single mother scrambling to care for two young boys while managing her own addictions instilled in him the necessity for adaption as a form of survival.
He quickly developed a work ethic he would carry with him throughout his life along with a curiosity that allowed him to overcome insecurity, uncertainty, and inhibition.  Taking on jobs such as  flea marketeer, paperboy (of questionable practice), vacation resort life guard, housepainter, service staff employee, and wedding officiant gave Cranston more than enough opportunity to observe people, a habit that would serve him well as an actor in the years that followed.
A Life In Parts serves as a window into Bryan Cranston’s acting process.  You’ll see his devotion to parts small and large whether it be telling a white lie about a nonexistent rock rappelling ability and the ensuing mad dash to learn said ability in order to seal the deal for an impending Mars candy bar commercial, or fighting insistently for the proper line of dialogue and delivery most true to how he perceives his character.  Not satisfied with the many hats he has worn to date, Cranston adds author to his wardrobe and does so in a genuine fashion.

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