New Books 10/4!

 fortunesmilesAdam Johnson – Fortune Smiles: Stories

Now in paperback! “Johnson’s stories invade your soul with the power of an electrical current – sharp and painful with a resonate effect that tingles your every pore. The voices of his characters come from different walks of life: a former warden of a Stasi prison who troubles a tour group with his observations; a pedophile with insights into the dark world of child pornography on the Internet; a dying woman who desperately wants something undefinable from a music icon; a man trying to find his place in the world after escaping North Korea with a companion who may have an ulterior, hidden motive. Whatever the source, each story is inventive in style and substance; Johnson’s characters may be unusual and creepy, but the delight that comes from such perspicacity marks him as a wise and talented writer.” – Raul

Mike Massimino– Spaceman spaceman

How many of us have dreamed of going into space someday? Of being an ASTRONAUT? How many of us are obsessed and determined enough to power through multiple rejections from NASA to finally land among the stars? Mike Massimino is. Funny, intelligent, and incredibly humble, Massimino is one of those “lucky jerks” who’ve made it to space and back (twice!), and lived to tell the tale. This is a book about childhood dreams, about the men and women who make NASA the incredibly innovative organization it is, and about why we must never, ever give up the dream of space travel! Humorous, inspiring, and at times incredibly heartbreaking, this is the story of a 6’3” man who was afraid of heights and became an astronaut!

rogueheroesBen Macintyre – Rogue Heroes

Brand new from Ben MacIntyre! Best known for his books about spies, MacIntyre brings his magical touch to the battlefield, turning his keen psychological perceptions on the remarkable men who made up Britain’s Special Air Service, the SAS. Staffed by brilliant and sometimes brutal men, whose talents defied both tradition and expectations, the SAS would change not only the course of the war, but the very nature of combat itself. A classified organization, the SAS chose MacIntyre as the historian to finally reveal the wrenching secrets of our grandest and most terrible war, and to finally recognize the unsung soldiers who defied death to crack the German war machine. Rogue Heroes is both an excellent addition to the Macintyre library and critical piece in our understanding of the war’s unfolding.

Billy Collins – The Rain in Portugaltheraininportugal

“[Billy Collins] is able, with precious few words, to make me cry. Or laugh out loud. He is a remarkable artist. To have such power in such an abbreviated form is deeply inspiring.” – J. J. Abrams, The New York Times Book Review

America’s favorite poet has done it again! His first new book in three years, this collection of 40+ poems showcases the Collins we love best, his playfulness, wisdom, and generosity.

nastygalaxySophia Amoruso – Nasty Galaxy

Lush, edgy, surprising, refreshingly straightforward. The physical manifestation of easy cool. Sophia Amoruso has delivered the holy grail in this fabulous coffee-book-on-it’s-head that unconventionally approaches everything from music and philosophy to style and advice in the most beautifully designed way. A richly illustrated compilation of style influences for girlbosses everywhere, with roots in vintage clothing, punk attitude, fringe characters, Nasty Galaxy is not a fashion book, it’s not a brand book, and it’s not a tutorial on mixing prints. It’s about how to leave yours on everything you touch.

Don’t miss your chance to meet the inimitable Sophia Amoruso at BookPeople, Saturday October 8th at 6 PM where she will be signing and speaking about Nasty Galaxy in conversation with Tyler Haney from Outdoor Voices.

Christopher Locke – Draw Like This drawlikethis

How to draw an owl. Draw three circles. Now draw the rest of the owl. Just kidding! Christopher Locke’s new book Draw Like This is an interactive and fully illustrated guide to drawing that helps the reader to learn how to draw from the inside out. Funny, creative and absorbing, this is not a how-to-draw-an-owl guide; this is a window into a whole new way of seeing the world and expressing that sight on paper. With lessons appropriate for both beginners and experienced illustrators, Locke takes us through negative space, perspective, horizon lines and more, with appeal for everyone, every age. Get ready to love drawing with this eye-popping, engaging examples!

Mark your calendar for Sunday, October 9th at 5 PM, when Christopher Locke will be at BookPeople signing and speaking about Draw Like This!

elpasoWinston Groom – El Paso

Three decades after the first publication of Forrest Gump, Winston Groom returns to fiction with this sweeping American epic.

Long fascinated with the Mexican Revolution and the vicious border wars of the early twentieth century, best-selling author Winston Groom brings to life a much-forgotten period of history in this episodic saga set in six parts. Pitting the legendary Pancho Villa against “the Colonel,” a thrill-seeking Bostonian railroad tycoon whose fading fortune is tied up in a colossal ranch in Chihuahua, El Paso opens during a time of dramatic upheaval in Mexico—its government being squeezed on one end by Villa’s revolutionaries and on the other by “filthy” American capitalists.

The novel explodes into an epic as an extraordinary cast of characters from both history and imagination begin to emerge, all vying to get their hands on the ever-elusive Villa. But no matter what prize each player ultimately seeks, no one is left unscathed in this sprawling story of heroism, injustice, and love. Replete with shootouts, daring escapes, and an unforgettable bullfight, El Paso brings to life a crucial moment in history and, in the process, becomes an indelible portrait of the American Southwest in the final days of the wild frontier.

Tana French – The Trespasserthetrespasser

“French continues her particular brand of psychological thriller in her latest Dublin Police Squad case, The Trespasser. Antoinette Conway, who we met in The Secret Place as the partner of protagonist Stephen Moran, now appears in the starring role, making her French’s first female protagonist since The Likeness. Disliked by her squad but supported by her partner, Detective Antoinette Conway’s experience working in Murder is at the start of the novel a mixed bag. Like any other Tana French protagonist, she soon encounters a case designed to drudge up all her past psychological hang-ups – a woman with daddy issues turns up dead, and it’s up to Conway to work through her own difficulties with her father as she races to solve the case before her colleagues pin the murder on the wrong man and accuse her of “shaking trees” instead of pursuing real leads. French makes more of a feminist point with The Trespasser than with her other novels. The “bad guys” in The Trespasser are not awful because of their willingness to kill, but because of their interest in manipulating the lives of women they have deemed fragile and in need of protection. The message is clear, and well-appreciated on my end as a reader: men who patronizingly set out to protect women and in so doing, mess with their lives, will be rightfully shamed in fiction.” – Molly O!

myownwordsRuth Bader Ginsburg – My Own Words

The first book from Ruth Bader Ginsburg since she became a Supreme Court Justice in 1993 is a witty, engaging, serious, and playful collection of writings and speeches from the woman who has had a powerful and enduring influence on law, women’s rights, and popular culture. My Own Words offers Justice Ginsburg on wide-ranging topics, including gender equality, the workways of the Supreme Court, being Jewish, law and lawyers in opera, and the value of looking beyond US shores when interpreting the US Constitution. Throughout her life Justice Ginsburg has been (and continues to be) a prolific writer and public speaker. This book’s sampling is selected by Justice Ginsburg and her authorized biographers Mary Hartnett and Wendy W. Williams. Justice Ginsburg has written an introduction to the book, and Hartnett and Williams introduce each chapter, giving biographical context and quotes gleaned from hundreds of interviews they have conducted. This is a fascinating glimpse into the life of one of America’s most influential women.

Phoebe Robinson – You Can’t Touch My Hair youcanttouchmyhair

Explaining your life to a world that doesn’t care to listen is often more draining than living in it,” is the central thesis of Phoebe Robinson’s first book. I have so many complicated feelings about this book. On the one hand, I hate that another black person has to explain black experience to white people. Of course we need to be welcome to all experiences. But at the same time, I want Robinson to spend her time living her fullest life–being funny and getting the opportunity to showcase her hard-earned talent, instead of lecturing to white people about the history of black hair or critiquing casting calls for women and POC or writing an open letter directly to the next female President. But as I sank further into the book, I could tell that living her fullest life is exactly what Robinson is doing. She fills this pseudo memoir with her individual flavor of humor–both the racial commentary and her personal stories offer an intimate insight into Robinson’s mind: a place you’re going to want to grab a white wine or a nice rosé and tuck in, because this is your new home, girl.” – Jan

Laurie Halse Anderson – Ashes asheslauriehalseanderson

Return to the American Revolution in this blistering conclusion to the trilogy that began with the bestselling National Book Award Finalist Chains and continued with Forge, which The New York Times called “a return not only to the colonial era but to historical accuracy.” Heroism and heartbreak pave their path, but Isabel and Curzon won’t stop until they reach Ruth, and then freedom, in this grand finale to the acclaimed Seeds of America trilogy from Laurie Halse Anderson

Don’t forget to come to the event on October 24th at 6PM where Laurie Halse Anderson will be signing and speaking about Ashes!!

magnuschase1Rick Riordan – Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book Two: The Hammer of Thor

The amazing saga of Magnus Chase continues in this second in the GODS OF ASGARD books from Rick Riordan! Thor’s hammer is missing AGAIN, and of course it’s down to the intrepid Magnus to retrieve it. BookPeople has a limited number of SIGNED COPIES of Magnus Chase & The Gods of Asgard Book 2: THE HAMMER OF THOR, so don’t wait!


Lauren Oliver – Replica bookcover_replica

From Lauren Oliver, New York Times bestselling author of Before I Fall and the Delirium trilogy, comes an epic, masterful novel that explores issues of individuality, identity, and humanity. Replica is a flip book that contains two narratives in one, and it is the first in a duology. Turn the book one way and read Lyra’s story; turn the book over and upside down and read Gemma’s story. The stories can be read separately, one after the other, or in alternating chapters. The two distinct parts of this astonishing novel combine to produce an unforgettable journey. Even the innovative book jacket mirrors and extends the reading experience.

And Lauren Oliver will be here along with Three Dark Crowns author Kendare Blake on Wednesday, October 12th at 7pm for a talk and book signing!

Jacqueline Kelly – Skunked!: Calpurnia Tate, Girl Vet skunkedjacquelinekelly

The wonderful Calpurnia Tate is back! Join Callie Vee, her brother Travis, and Dr. Pritzker as they try to take care of some wild skunks.

Join us on Wednesday, October 26th at 6PM for an event with Jacqueline Kelly for SKUNKED, the newest adventure in the saga of Calpurnia Tate.



Kami Garcia – The Lovely Reckless

Did you miss our awesome event with Kami Garcia last night? Rest assured we have SIGNED COPIES of THE LOVELY RECKLESS in stock! Think The Fast and the Furious meets Romeo and Juliet for an electrifying YA novel you’re sure to tear through!




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