Happy Birthday, Roald Dahl!

page_1This week was Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday, and we at BookPeople couldn’t be happier. Roald Dahl is the author of many of our favorite classic children’s books, including The Witches, James and the Giant Peach, and Matilda. To celebrate Roald Dahl day this week, we’ve put together a list of 100 amazing words from of the whimsical, wonderful world of Roald Dahl, with definitions from the gorgeous Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary.

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  1. aerioplane: Aeroplanes are called aerioplanes in Giant Country and airplanes in North America.
  2. argy: If giants or human beans or cattlepiddlers are argying, they are having an argument.
  3. babblement: A friendly conversation or chat
  4. bicurculers: Bicurculars are what the  BFG calls binoculars. They are a device with lenses for both eyes, which makes distant objects seem nearer.
  5. Image result for james and the giant peach quentin blakebiffsquiggled: if you feel biffsquiggled, you are confused or puzzled.
  6. blabbersnitch: The blabbersnitch is a sea-creature that is hunted by witches, who use its beak in their magic Delayed Action Mouse-Maker formula.
  7. bobolink: The bobolink is a rare and ancient animal. Willy Wonka needs a part of the bobolink to make Vita-Wonk, but he doesn’t say which part as it is a secret recipe.
  8. bogrotting: if something is bogrotting it is very unpleasant, so a bogrotting nightmare is one where really nasty things happen.
  9. buzzwangle: a buzzwangle is an idea that is silly or far-fetched.
  10. cattypiddler: A cattypiddler is a wild creature, perhaps a kind of big cat.
  11. chiddler: a young human bean, not yet grown up.
  12. churgle: when you churgle, you gurgle with laughter.
  13. clockcoach: a clockcoach is a type of insect found in Giant Country that looks like a beetle. Human beans call them cockroaches.
  14. daddle: If you daddle, you run very fast.
  15. delumptious: delicious or very tasty
  16. dispunge: if you dispunge something, you hate or loathe it.
  17. dreadly: A dreadly creature, such as the dreadly vindscreen-viper, is feared because it is so deadly.
  18. exunckly: if you say exunckly to someone, you are agreeing with what they have just said.
  19. fizzlecrump: A fizzlecrump is a creature that can move as fast as a giant running at top speed.
  20. fizzwinkel: A fizzwinkel is a type of edible plant or vegetable, much smaller than a snozzcumber. It may be related to the pigwinkle, which grows outside Giant Country.
  21. flushbunkled: If a giant is flushbunkled, he is in a hopeless situation.
  22. fogglefrump: a quiet and docile animal that lives in Giant Country.
  23. fridgy: If you are fridgy, or fridging with cold, you are freezing.
  24. frobscottle: Frobscottle is a green fizzy drink that the BFG and other giants drink instead of water. Unlike snozzcumbers, it tastes delicious to giants. The bubbles in frobscottle sink down rather than rise up, so if you drink a lot of it, you will soon be whizzpopping (even if you are the Queen.)
  25. frumpkin: a frumpkin is a vegetable that giants use to make frumpkin pie. Unlike the snozzcumber, it is good to eat and its name suggests it looks or tastes a bit like a pumpkin.
  26. Image result for willy wonka quentin blakegiant curlicue: The giant curlicue is a rare and ancient animal. Part of the giant curlicue is needed to make Vita-Wonk.
  27. glamourly: exotic and interesting
  28. gloriumptious: A gloriumptious experience is one that you find wonderful and exciting.
  29. Gnooly: Gnoolies are invisible and deadly creatures that live under the earth’s surface in Minusland. If you are bitten by a Gnooly, you turn into one yourself after a very painful process that includes long division.
  30. gobblefunk: if you gobblefunk with words, you play around with them and invent new words or meanings.
  31. gollop: a big gulp or swallow
  32. grimesludge: thick and dirty mud
  33. grobe: a grobe is an imaginary slimy creature that Willy Wonka invents to scare the President of the United States.
  34. gungswizzled: if something is gungswizzled, it is in a complete muddle or totally wrong. Matilda’s homework would never be gungswizzled.
  35. healthsome: Foods that are healthsome for giants are healthy or good for them (so they avoid them).
  36. hornswoggler: the hornswoggler is a dangerous beast that lives in Loompaland and preys upon Oompa-Loompas. Its name sounds as if it has deadly horns on its head (or maybe elsewhere).
  37. human bean: A human bean is what the giants of Giant Country call a human. (It sounds a bit like human being, but tastier.)
  38. humplecrimp: The humplecrimp is an animal that is very common in Giant Country, but which no human bean has ever seen (so you will have to imagine what it looks like).
  39. inky-booky: inky-booky is the taste you get from chewing a piece of paper with writing on it. School-chiddlers taste like this to giants, perhaps because they read more than giants do.
  40. jabbel: If a giant jabbels, he talks or chats (which giants don’t do very often.)
  41. joghopper: a creature that hops about.
  42. jumpsquiffling: absolutely enormous.
  43. kiddle: a young child
  44. knickle: If a Gnooly knickles you, it does unspeakably nasty things to you (and you probably won’t survive).
  45. lickswishy: a lickswishy taste or flavor is gloriously delicious.
  46. lixivate: if someone lixivates you, you will be squished and mushed and turned into slush.
  47. Loompaland: the place where the Oompa-Loompas come from. It is a country full of dense jungles and dangerous beasts such as snozzwangers and hornswogglers.
  48. luctuous: a luctuous place is rich and fertile and produces good things to eat.
  49. maggotwise: Something that looks or tastes maggotwise is rotten and disgusting, like a snozzcumber.
  50. Image result for the bfg quentin blakemideous: A mideous place is horrible and nasty (but grobes still love living there.)
  51. midgy: Something that is midgy is really small and tiny. Human beans look midgy to giants like the Fleshlumpeater.
  52. natterbox: A natterbox is someone who cannot stop talking, usually about nothing in particular.
  53. Nishnobbler: A type of rare and wonderful sweet that is sold in the Grubber.
  54. notmucher: Someone who doesn’t do very much, or will never amount to much.
  55. oinck: An oinck is a monstrous creature that is thought to look like a giant grasshopper (so the two speices are sometimes confused.)
  56. Oompa-Loompa: Oompa-Loompas are people originally from Loompaland who work in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory in exchange for chocolate, which is their favorite food. They love music and dancing and often make up songs to sing.
  57. Pelly: The Pelly is a pelican who works for the Ladderless Window-Cleaning Company. He has a very spacious beak with a retractable top, which he uses as a bucket to store water for washing windows.
  58. phizzwizard: A phizzwizard is a good dream that leaves you feeling happy when you wake up. The best kind of phizzwizard is a golden phizzwizard.
  59. pibbling: very small and very unimportant.
  60. Pishlet: a type of sweet sold in the Grubber that makes a whistling noise when you suck it.
  61. propsposterous: ridiculous or extremely silly
  62. puddlenut: the puddlenut (Nux puddlensis) is a type of nut that grows in Giant Country, related to the peanut. Puddlenuts look tiny to giants, so when they say something is puddlenuts, they mean that it is small or insignificant.
  63. quelchy: Something quelchy makes squelching noises when you walk on it.
  64. quogwinkle: A quogwinkle is a creature from outer space. Quogwinkles make regular visits to Giant Country and can communicate with the BFG.
  65. razztwizzler: something wonderfully exciting or enjoyable
  66. redunculous: something redunculous is very silly or ridiculous
  67. re-inscorched: metal that is re-inscorched has been toughened to make it extra strong.
  68. ringbeller: a ringbeller is a really splendid dream, the kind that makes you wake up smiling and happy.
  69. rommytot: if someone is talking rommytot, they are talking nonsense.
  70. rotrasper: a rotrasper is a horribly mean and nasty person, like Mrs Clonkers or Miss Trunchbull.
  71. Scarlet Scorchdropper: a fiery sweet from Iceland that makes smoke gush from your nostrils when you suck it
  72. scorpula: A scorpula is a deadly and terrifying creature which looks a bit like a giant spider. Miss Spider is mistaken for a scorpula by the Head of the Fire Department.
  73. scrotty: if you feel scrotty, you feel sad and gloomy.
  74. Image result for fantastic mr fox quentin blakeSkillywiggler: The Giant Skillywiggler is an imaginary creature that Mr. Twit invents to terrify his wife. It has teeth as sharp as screwdrivers and can bite off your nose and toes.
  75. slimescraper: a rare creature needed to make Wonka-Vite. It thrives in slimy places, collecting (and possibly eating) slime.
  76. sloshflunking: a place that is barren and desolate, like Giant Country where nothing grows but snozzcumbers.
  77. snozzcumbers: a knobbly vegetable like an enormous cucumber with black and white stripes which grows in Giant Country. Snozzcumbers taste disgusting but they are all the BFG has to eat, as he refuses to hunt human beans like other giants.
  78. swinebuggler: a name that giants call people when they are being rude (which is most of the time)
  79. swudge: swudge is a kind of soft sugar paste flavored with mint that Willy Wonka uses to make edible grass meadows.
  80. telly-telly bunkum box: A television.
  81. time-twiddler: A time-twiddler is someone who lives for a very long time.
  82. tinkle-tinkle tree: The tinkle-tinkle tree (Tinculus polyflorus) is an exotic tree that bears pink and white blossoms. Tinkle-tinkle flowers are the only food that Geraneous Giraffes can eat.
  83. tree-squeak: The tree-squeak is an egg-laying creature that lives in Trees. The whites of tree-squeak eggs are an ingredient of Wonka-Vite.
  84. twiglet: A twiglet is an insulting name that giants give to human beans.
  85. uckyslush: disgusting and revolting
  86. um-possiple: not possible.
  87. vermicious: Something vermicious is vicious and nasty, like a Knid.

  88. Vita-Wonk
    : an oily black medicine invented by Willy Wonka, which makes anyone who takes it instantly older. It has the opposite effect to Wonka-Vite. The ingredients of Vita-Wonk include hairs and other parts from the oldest living creatures on earth.
  89.  wackcrackle: if you wackcrackle a giant, you attack him fiercely (usually by attacking him until his bones crack).
  90. wacksey: splendidly huge
  91. Image result for matilda quentin blakewhangdoodle: The whangdoodle is a terrifying creature that lives in Loompaland and preys on Oompa-Loompas. Whangdoodles have enormous appetites and can eat more than ten Oompa-Loompas in a single meal. Some whangdoodles, such as the rare spotted whangdoodle, have patterned hides.
  92. whiffswiddle: something that moves or happens very fast.
  93. whirlgig: topsy-turvy and higgledy-piggledy.
  94. whunking: big and heavy
  95. wigglish: nonsense or words that don’t make any sense.
  96. wonderveg: A delicious-tasting vegetable.
  97. wraprascal: an animal very common in Giant Country, but that no human bean has ever seen.
  98. zippfizz: when giants zippfizz, they whizz along as fast as they can go.
  99. Zoonk: a word that Willy Wonka says when he is pretending to speak in the Martian language.
  100. zozimus: What dreams are made of.

What are your favorite Roald Dahl words?

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