Teen Thursday Special: Summer Reads!

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It’s YA lucky day! It’s Teen Thursday!

But wait–it’s also July, and Austin has really turned up the heat. We’ve been working hard here at BookPeople to compile a list of some truly amazing YA summer reads for any and every possible situation! Come on and check them out!

Ship Breaker – Paolo Bacigalupi

Meghan says: In the aftermath of severe climate change, after all the earth’s resources have been sucked dry, scavenging has become a lucrative, desperate business. Nailer sees no way out until a fancy ship is wrecked offshore and the rich girl inside somehow convinces him to rescue her … an act he may soon regret. This is a thrilling gritty dystopian adventure with heart.

The Doubt Factory – Paolo Bacigalupi

Demi says: A thought-provoking thrill ride with a dash of romance, this book has a little something for everybody!

Shadow and Bone – Leigh Bardugo

Madeline says: Alina and her best friend Mal have always been near on another. Even when they are drafted into different parts of the army, they still stay together. Then, Alina uses a power she never knew she had to save Mal’s life, and for both of them, life is never the same again.

John G says: One of my favorite YA fantasies- it’s like Harry Potter set in a fantasy version of Imperial Russia. The story revolves around Alina, an orphan girl serving in the military of Ravka, who suddenly develops the power to generate sunlight. She is whisked away to train as a Grisha, the elite wizards of Ravka, and are treated like royalty for protecting the kingdom. Alina is the only hope of destroying the Shadow Fold, a stretch of darkness filled with deadly creatures.

Six of Crows – Leigh Bardugo

Meghan says: In an entertaining caper crackling with gritty energy, a colorful team of magically talented criminals undertakes an impossible heist: breaking into the world’s most secure prison. Of course, getting in is only half the battle!

Graceling – Kristin Cashore

Meghan says: Gifted with a powerful fighting grace, Katsa is the King’s most powerful weapon, tied to the King’s every whim. But a chance meeting with a mysterious, similarly gifted prince helps Katsa seek a new life as more than a simple pawn. Beautiful. Epic. Romantic.

Fire – Kristin Cashore

Ellen’s Review: Fire is the last of her kind–human-shaped monsters. She is tough, brave, has prismatic red hair, oh, and she can control the minds of man. Except one. You don’t have to read Graceling first. Fire is a story all to itself that takes place with different characters and at a different time and place. Like Graceling, it is very romantic, full of adventure, and characters you won’t want to leave.

Bitterblue – Kristin Cashore

Meghan says: In the aftermath of Leck’s overthrow, Bitterblue’s realm lies in ruins, physically and emotionally. And as she struggles to lead her kingdom out of the dark, she must navigate a tricky web of secrets and lies … especially those of her closest advisors. A wonderful conclusion to a DARK, COMPLEX, RIVETING, and BRUTAL series.

Eon – Alison Goodman

Meghan says: I love to channel my own energy dragon, so I instantly fell in love with Eon, the story of a girl masquerading as a boy in a dragon’s world. Luckily, Eon and her Dragon Eye are up to the challenge in this incredibly exciting, beautifully complex world of intrigue, power, destiny, and magic. For all fans of richly developed fantasy.

Eona – Alison Goodman

Tomoko says: In this continuation of Eon, Eona’s secret is out! The world finally sees who she truly is, even as she grapples to learn the mysteries of the Dragoneyes and navigate a society in the midst of chaos and war. Old foes become unlikely allies while Eona learns to navigate her budding identity and everything she is capable of. Building to a thrilling finale, this Mulan-like story fulfills all my hopes and dreams for a strong and kickass lead!

Seraphina – Rachel Hartman

Wil says: Humans and dragons in an uneasy truce–Seraphina is the key (and unlikely) player in a growing plot to destroy the peace amid music, love, and many secrets. Original ideas of Dragons, fascinating plot, intense emotions, and an intricate, wonderful story. Read it and fall in love…

Meghan says: This is one of the best dragon books I’ve ever read with one of the very best heroines. Immeasurable strength, paralyzing secrets, and shocking intelligence make Seraphina the endlessly fascinating center of a world brimming with intrigue, duplicity, interspecies family feuds, and (luckily) a few allies worth keeping. Sophisticated and literary yet filled with dragon infighting. What’s not to love?

Grave Mercy – Robin LaFevers

Meghan says: As the daughter of Death himself, Ismae finds her destiny as an assassin in his service. Sent to infiltrate the court of an imperiled young Duchess  and armed with an arsenal of poisons, Ismae is ready to do Death’s work, but what she uncovers while there casts doubt not only on the political state of the realm, but on her destiny itself. Brutal and deeply satisfying.

Thomas says: For a young girl who is afraid of her father & more than a little scared of her new husband, finding out that she is actually a daughter of Mortain, the God of Death, isn’t all that bad. Being sent by said God of Death to the court of the duchess of Brittany to seek out her enemies and leave them dead in her wake? That might be a little harder, especially of the duchess’s enemies are posing as friends.

Mortal Heart – Robin LaFevers

Consuelo says: I could not put down this book. It has everything you could look for in the conclusion of a trilogy. The last 150 pages have one revelation after another and Annith is a complex heroine you can’t help but root for.

A Wizard of Earthsea – Ursula K. LeGuin

Meghan says: This is one of the best high fantasy epics out there! The books chronicle the trials of the great wizard Ged as he struggles to restore balance to the world and maintain the delicate equilibrium between the realms of life & death.


Legend – Marie Lu

John G says: Legend is an excellent combination of everything a YA dystopian should be. Set in a dystopian Los Angeles- the story shifts viewpoints between June, a teenage military prodigy and Day, a teenage fugitive and their conflict to question everything they know to be true. This is such an action packed story that’s like the Hunger Games meets Romeo & Juliet.

Young Elites – Marie Lu

Tommy says: Do you like mutants, I mean cool X-Men mutants with superpowers? Do you like the Spanish Inquisition? If you do, please seek psychological help quickly. However, mix the two and you get the wonderful new adventure book by Marie Lu. Tense action, superpowers, and a dash of personal drama, makes this one of my favorites in recent years.

Stay tuned for more amazing summer reads next week!

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