Introducing the LEXICON devil READERS club

This post comes from our booksellers Jason and Griffin.

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The LdRc is a new BookPeople book club that will meet every month at Doc’s Motorworks on 38th Street.

Lexicon: the vocabulary of a language, an individual speaker or group of speakers, or a subject

devil: it is all in the details

Readers: books, made to be read

club: a weapon for bludgeoning or a group of people with a similar outlook

The LdRc will primarily read and dissect non-fiction but will dive into fiction when a real life person appears in a work of fiction. Each book will somehow connect to the next one. It will be up to the club to figure out and establish said connection.  We will meet, discuss, watch movies, news footage, argue about goofy crap and have some fun.

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The first book we will tackle is:

9780767930529Evel chronicles the life of America’s number one Daredevil. If he had not invented himself, some one else would have had to. Larger than life, full of himself and completely non-caring about his own safety, he practically defines the Wide World of Sports “agony of defeat” with his spectacular motorcycle crash over the fountains at Cesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

Book number 2 will be:


Hells Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga by Hunter S. Thompson.  Its motorcycles right? This book put Hunter S. Thompson’s immersive Gonzo journalism style on the map. He imbedded himself with the San Francisco Chapter of the Hells Angels and barely lived to tell the tale.

Book number 3 will be:


Under the Black Flag: The Romance and the Reality of Life Among the Pirates by Dave Cordingly. 17th Century Pirates were the Biker Gangs of their time so we will take a look at the swashbuckling debauchery of life on the lam in the high seas.

Where do we go from there? Lets meet and find out.

Here are some ideas for the future of The LdRc:

  • Daredevils by Shawn Vestal (Evel Knievel appears in this fictional tale of mormon craziness.)
  • Get in the Van by Henry Rollins-Black Flag’s most well known singer chronicles life on the road with LA’s creator of California Hard Core.
  • Under the Big Black Sun by John Doe and friends- X’s bassist, singer, and songwriter pulls together a rogues gallery of West Coast Punk Rock and tells us where all the bodies are buried.

Here is some stuff we might want to read about:

  • Lyndon Johnson (the coolest President ever)
  • Teddy Roosevelt (the second coolest President ever)
  • World War 2 (there is a great book about a dog in a POW camp)

Join us on August 10 , 7 PM:

Doc’s Motorworks 38th

1106 W. 38th Street

Austin, TX 78705

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