Required Reading Revisited – July

In the Required Reading Revisited Book Club we focus on books considered “Required Reading” by most educational institutions, i.e. books you read (or were supposed to read) in school – either high school or university.

Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario

9780812971781Our last meeting we discussed the heart-wrenching story of Enrique and his journey from Honduras to the United States to find his mother. This story puts a very human face on the very real illegal immigration issue here in the US. Enrique and his mother are by no means unique in their situation… a situation most people privileged enough to be born in the United States will never have to face. But it is one we should all strive to understand. Our discussion ranged from the emotional impact the story had on us, to economic policies involved, to how the author chose to tell the story, to how it will impact how we discuss this topic going forward. While very little of the book had to do with the political climate of the countries involved, it did discuss the economic plight that leads to such a mass exodus of people from their native countries. All in attendance were in agreement that we can never know what a person might be going through and the immigration debate dehumanizes people. This book will re-humanize them for you.

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

9780060837020On Sunday, July 10th we will be discussing the classic American novel, The Bell Jar. This novel is the only novel written by American poet, Sylvia Plath, and is known to be semi-autobiographical, as it parallels many of Plath’s own experiences and descent into clinical depression. The novel examines the themes of identity and the problems of mid-20th century patriarchal oppression.

Sylvia Plath was born in Massachusetts in 1932 and was a writer from an early age. Her most famous works were written after her separation from English poet Ted Hughes. Plath committed suicide in 1963, very shortly after the publication of The Bell Jar. She was posthumously awarded the Pulitzer Prize for her Collected Works twenty years later.

The Required Reading Revisited Book Club, hosted by Consuelo Hacker and Sarah Holdgrafer, meets on the 2nd Sunday of every month at 4pm at Book People (the next meeting is July 10th). We typically meet on the 3rd floor. Just stop by the 1st floor information desk when you arrive if you are unsure where to go. The Bell Jar  & Enrique’s Journey  are available online at Use the code BOOK CLUB when purchasing online, or if you come in to the store, mention it’s for Book Club at the registers and you’ll receive 10% off! Join our Facebook page to get all the latest information on what we’re reading! We look forward to talking with you on July 10th!

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