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bpsubscriptions-1You may have noticed that online subscription boxes are all the rage these days. From Dollar Shave Club to Loot Crate, this model has taken off in a big way across multiple industries. And for good reason! Every month (or every quarter), you get a surprise gift of something you really love… clothes, teas, yummy artisan snacks, beauty products, action figures, ephemera of all kinds, and more. For book lovers, there are more than a few options out there that suit every preference and budget.

We here at BookPeople like to think we got in a little ahead of the game, and have created book subscriptions with our own unique flair. We started our Signed First Club, a subscription that sends a signed first edition hardcover to your door every month, in 2007! Our Book-A-Month programs for kids, personally curated by our kids buyer Meghan, has been going strong since 2010, and BookPeople’s Trust Fall is about to have its two year anniversary! And not to be left behind in the YA department, we have a new subscription for young adult readers, the Teen Buzz Book Subscription Club, featuring books selected by our very own Teen Press Corps.

Here’s a look at all the subscription offers currently available from BookPeople:


With BookPeople’s Signed First Club, you receive a signed first edition hardcover of a literary fiction book every month. First printings of first editions represent the closest edition in time and intent to the author’s original work. It can be a wonderful addition to your library. For collectors, a signed first edition/first printing can be the most desirable, and most valuable, edition, and so can also be considered a unique investment. Each dust cover on the books we send out to Signed First Club members is wrapped in a clear protective Brodart book cover to help preserve its condition. BookPeople offers both a 6 month and a 12 month subscription, with shipping included in the price. Recent titles include T.C Boyle’s The Harder They Come, Julie Claiborne Johnson’s Be Frank With Me, Louisa Hall’s Speak, and Garth Risk Hallberg’s City On Fire.

Signed First Club FAQ


Trust Fall: a trust building game in which a person allows themselves to fall backwards, trusting that the group behind them will catch them.

With BookPeople’s Trust Fall, first our booksellers fall for a book, often a debut novel from someone we believe is an up-and-coming big deal, and then we ask you to trust us when we say how amazing this book is. Trust us! Take the Fall! We promise not to let you down!

In addition to the included novel, which is often a signed edition, we include a number of goodies in the box that will relate thematically to our chosen book. Previous Trust Fall boxes have included Erika Swyler’s Book of Speculation, with a tarot themed coloring book, colored pencils, and custom designed tarot cards; Mo Daviau’s Every Anxious Wave, with a custom designed band flyer and button for the fictional band in the book, The Axis, a playlist of songs from the novel curated by the author, and rubber LP shaped coasters; and Zachary Thomas Dodson’s Bats of the Republic, with an advanced reader copy of Flight of Dreams by Ariel Lawhorn, a Texas themed dishtowel, and a paper bat mobile and bat button designed by the author.

The Trust Fall boxes go out every quarter!


Every month, BookPeople’s Teen Press Corps, our crack team of teenage super-readers, declares one brand new novel as the Teen Buzz Book. And these young adults know what they are talking about! If it’s on our teen shelves, they’ve probably already read it, and have very strong opinions about it. Teen Buzz Books are appropriate for readers thirteen and up, and the subscription is available in both 6 month and 12 month subscriptions.

9780451469922May’s Teen Buzz Book was The Passion of Dolssa by Julie Berry:

A compelling tale of friendship, loyalty, danger, and betrayal. Set during the 13th Century in southern France, it tells the story of Dolssa, a teenage mystic, condemned as a heretic by Dominican inquisitors for the visions she won’t deny, and of Botille, the peasant matchmaker and tavern-keeper who rescues Dolssa from death after she escapes her execution and flees as a fugitive across Provence. Dolssa, her sisters, and a surly newcomer named Symo all help to conceal Dolssa from the inquisitor hunting her down. But their attempt at compassion only brings danger upon them, their community, and everything they love.


Why should the adults be the only ones receiving surprise books every month? Kids need to have some book fun too! BookPeople has a number of custom book clubs for kids of all ages, including babies! Just For Babies, for ages 0-2, sends out new board books (this makes a great gift for new parents, btw). Hot-Off-The-Presses, for ages 3-13, sends out some of the greatest brand new children’s and chapter books. This one is great for that voracious young reader because you’ll know they’re getting a book they’ve never read before. Paperback Gems, also for ages 3-13, sends out titles just released in paperback. All these subscriptions are available in 6 month and 12 month options. And finally there’s Happy Holidays, for all ages, which sends brand-new seasonal books to celebrate 6 holidays (of your choosing) of the year, with either a hardcover or paperback option.

One of the unique aspects of our kids Book-A-Month clubs is that our kids buyer, Meghan, custom picks the titles for each child based on the likes and dislikes listed when you order them. Is your child into outer space? Bugs? Dinosaurs? Princesses? Faraway lands? Sea Creatures? Magic Tree-Houses? Haunted houses? Real-world adventure? Mythology? How stuff works? Whatever they’re into, Meghan will find just the right book for them, every month!

Whether you want to treat yourself, or give the gift of literature to someone you love, BookPeople and our team of booksellers are here to help. We read, a lot! So when we find that magic, or sublime, or just plain special new book, we want to get it into as many hands as possible. BookPeople subscriptions is where it’s at, y’all!

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