Let Me Be Frank With You…

We cordially invite you to join us Tuesday, October 27th at 7PM to welcome the celebrated Richard Ford at our store when he speaks and signs Let Me Be Frank With You.

Richard Ford has dedicated 1,352 pages to the iconic character Frank Bascombe in books that include The Sportswriter, the Pulitzer Prize and PEN/ Faulkner-winning Independence Day, and The Lay of the LandLet Me Be Frank With You is composed of four deftly linked stories narrated by Bascombe. Now sixty-eight, and again ensconced in the well-defended New Jersey suburb of Haddam, Bascombe has thrived–seemingly if not utterly–in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy’s devastation. As in all of the Bascombe books, Ford’s guiding spirit is the old comic’s maxim that promises if nothing’s funny, nothing’s truly serious. The desolation of Sandy, which rendered houses, shorelines, and countless lives unmoored and flattened, could scarcely be more serious as the grist for fiction. Yet it is the perfect backdrop and touchstone for Ford–and Bascombe. With a flawless comedic sensibility and unblinking intelligence, these stories range over the full complement of American subjects: aging, race, loss, faith, marriage, redemption, the real-estate crash–the tumult of the world we live in.

According to Professor Huey Guagliardo, Ford’s works of fiction “dramatize the breakdown of such cultural institutions as marriage, family, and community”, and his “marginalized protagonists often typify the rootlessness and nameless longing … pervasive in a highly mobile, present-oriented society in which individuals, having lost a sense of the past, relentlessly pursue their own elusive identities in the here and now.”


Born February 16th, 1944 in Jackson, Mississippi, Ford bounced around different ideas of what career path he would take. He worked as an engineer’s assistant on a locomotive, signed up for the marines and even taught middle school before his love of literature grew enough for him to pursue writing. In addition to the Frank Bascombe novels, Ford penned the short story collections Rock Springs and A Multitude of Sins, which contain many widely anthologized stories. He lives in Boothbay, Maine, with his wife, Kristina Ford.

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