The Authors & Auteurs Book Club Survived Cosmopolis and Looks Forward To Paprika

Cosmopolis was widely dismissed upon publication in April of 2003. It was an “intellectual turkey shoot,” (The New York Times) a lesser DeLillo, an ornate, remote curiosity…

Oh, what a difference five years and a financial collapse wrought.

Eric Packer’s farfetched machinations in the world of cyber capital now had some visible real world counterparts many were eager to wrap their heads around and then tear to pieces. Maybe it’s a general rule that a jet black critique of capitalism won’t find its audience in an economic boom – or the illusion of one. Regardless the novel’s and the film’s controversy lingers. I worked in a small theater in 2012 where audience members routinely left Cronenberg’s adaptation in frustration and malcontent but for our first selection in the Authors & Auteurs series we chose the iconoclasts.

That trend continues on October 4th when the Authors & Auteurs book club meets at 4:30 to discuss Yasutaka Tsutsui’s novel Paprika and view the film based on the book. Be sure to mention this is a book club selection at the register for your discount, and feed the spectre haunting the world…


– Chris H.

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