Teen Thursday 7/30/15

It’s YA lucky day! It’s Teen Thursday!

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Texas Teen Book Fest 2015 News!

It’s that time of year again – time to gear up for the Texas Teen Book Festival! The announcements of the awesome authors attending the 2015 festival are starting to come out. Here is the latest:

The first panel announcement!! Five debut authors dubbed the Freshman Fifteens, will be speaking on a panel about how they went from writers to published authors. Virginia Boecker (The Witch Hunter), Kim Savage (After the Woods), Jenn Marie Thorne (The Wrong Side of Right), Chandler Baker (Alive), and previously announced Jenny Martin (Tracked), will impart their wisdom, publishing stories, and humor twice during the festival. A must-see for any aspiring authors!

Debut author Stephanie Tromly is coming to TTBF15! We are so excited to hear more from this talented new author as she talks about her book Trouble Is a Friend of Mine, which is being described as, “Sherlock meets Veronica Mars meets Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” Cool.

Author Stephen Emond is part of this great line up! He’s the author of the soon-to-be-released novel Bright Lights, Dark Nights, which is about the terror of falling in love and racial prejudices. We can’t wait!

To start planning your visit, information about attending this year’s festival is up, and you can keep it tuned here for author line up & programming announcements.

Are you excited yet?? You should be!! As #TTBF15 no-so-subtly reminded us, the fest is now less than two months away!!

Get the news first by following TTBF online:

Texas Teen Book Festival (formerly the Austin Teen Book Festival) happens on Saturday, September 26, 2015 on the campus of St. Edward’s University. This event – and parking – is free and open to the public.

Upcoming YA Events!

Wednesday, September 2 at 6PM

Meet YouTube star JennXPenn! She’s visiting the store and wants to meet you and take pictures with you! If you come by for her event, be sure to buy a ticket otherwise you can’t meet her. The ticket price includes one signed copy of her book, Really Professional Internet Person. We’ll remind you about this visit in an August Teen Thursday, but wanted to tell you about it super early so you can mark your calendar and buy your ticket. Read more about the event here and here.

Wednesday, September 16 at 7PM

Mari Mancusi is coming back BookPeople this fall! Fantasy fans & young adults, this is an event you won’t want to miss. BookPeople favorite Mancusi has a new book in the Scorched series, Smoked, that you just have to get. We’ll remind you about this visit in an August Teen Thursday, but mark the date now!

New on the TPC Blog!

The Teen Press Corps had an amazing opportunity to sit down and interview the young and talented Tavi Gevinson of Rookie Yearbook. Rookie is an online magazine for teen girls about fashion, growing up, interviews with special guests, and other cool stuff geared towards young women.
Teen Press Corps: What inspired you to write for girls?
Tavi Gevinson: I guess I was trying to write the kind of stuff that I would have liked to read. And I just felt like the stuff that was already out there for girls, media pop culture, just didn’t really respect our intelligence and I knew that I wasn’t dumb and my friends weren’t dumb so I wanted to write something for us.
Read more of the interview.

Continuing the graphic novel thread from last week’s Teen Thursday, our TPC member Emily highlights some of her favorite graphic novels for teens–
The annual Comic-Con International took place earlier this month in San Diego. You’re either too busy to read this because you’re still reveling in the glory of geek-topia, or, like me, you’re wishing you were able to have been there. In the spirit of Comic-Con, here’s a list of awesome comic books and graphic novels aimed towards young adult readers.

young avengersYoung Avengers Volume 2 (Marvel) — There’s no need to read Volume 1 or have a lot of background knowledge to understand this series. Wiccan, Hulkling, Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Marvel Boy, (kid) Loki, and Ms. America come together to save the universe. This is witty, exciting, and a great starting point for new comic readers!
See more of Emily’s picks.

News from Hollywood!


And this.

Director Catherine Hardwicke, best known for directing the film adaptation of Twilight, is signed on to direct the adaption of Jerry Spinelli’s novel, Stargirl. Even though is project is a long ways from being done, it’s exciting to hear that it is moving forward. Stargirl is a favorite and we are looking forward to casting announcements and other developments. We’ll keep you posted.

And this isn’t really YA movie news, but it does involve a person best known his work as an actor. 1980s Brat Packer, Andrew McCarthy has a deal with Workman for his first YA novel. Not scheduled to be published until Spring 2017, it is tentatively called Just Fly Away, and is about a girl who finds out she has a half-brother and her ideas of family are challenged and redefined. (If you don’t know who Andrew McCarthy is, get thee to Netflix or wherever you get your movies and watch Pretty in Pink, St. Elmo’s Fire, and Less than Zero. Swoon.)

Just for Fun!

We are so, so, so familiar with this dilemma.

Be sure to check out more reviews over on the Teen Press Corps blog!

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